Abstract submission
Abstracts for oral presentations are welcome. The program for the meeting will consist of three types of talks: key note (30-45 min), regular (15-30 min), and elevator pitch (5 min). The elevator pitch talks will replace posters. On abstract submission form you will be asked to indicate your preference on the type of the talk.

You may leave your abstract after completing your registration and payment. You will receive a confirmation of registration email from the University of Turku/the Institute of Biomedicine which includes link to abstract submission. Please use that link to submit and modify your abstract by 23th April, 2019.

Submission guidelines:
Abstracts are submitted via the Oxford Abstracts online submission system which will open from the link you will receive after completing your registration.

1. Click the link on your confirmation of registration email.
2. Register to Oxford Abstract to submit.
3. Fill the form
  • title max 50 words
  • abstract max 450 words
  • no figures, no tables
  • fill in the information on authors and affiliations
  • keywords max 4
  • choose the topic from the drop-down list
  • choose the mode of presentation from the drop-down list
4. You may amend your submission until the final submission deadline. Please note that uncompleted abstracts will not be reviewed.
5. Remember to complete the abstract and answer all the required questions before the deadline.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact info(at)
On other issues please contact the Organizing Committee, laura.kakkola(at)

ScanVir2019 Meeting promotes equality and thus the Scientific Advisory Board will select all speakers based on the abstracts. Selected speakers will be contacted to propose the type of the talk.

Topic (with subtopics)                                   Scientific Advisory Board Members

1. Emerging and re-emerging                    Susanna Sissonen (Helsinki, Finland)
    infectious diseases                                 Tarja Sironen (Helsinki, Finland) 
    1.1. Veterinary virology                               Ali Mirazimi (Stockholm, Sweden)      
    1.2. One Health / Viral zoonooses             Magnus Evander (Umeå, Sweden)
    1.3. Biosafety and biosecurity                
    1.4. Evolution of viruses

2. Immunology of virus diseases               Pamela Österlund (Helsinki, Finland)
    2.1. Innate immunity                                  Jussi Hepojoki (Helsinki, Finland)
    2.2. Adaptive immunity                              Allan Randrup Thomsen (Copenhagen,    

3. Virus Infection                                          Tero Ahola (Helsinki, Finland)
    3.1. Virus life cycle                                     Maija Vihinen-Ranta (Jyväskylä, Finland)
    3.2. Cell biology of virus infections            Juha Huiskonen (Helsinki, Finland)
    3.3. Pathogenesis of virus infections         Michael Kann (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    3.4. Structural virology                               Eeva Auvinen (Helsinki, Finland)
    3.5. Tumor virology

4. Interventions                                           Erkko Ylösmäki (Helsinki, Finland)
    4.1. Virus vaccines                                    Vesna Blazevic (Tampere, Finland)   
    4.2. Antivirals                                             Susanne Marie Rogne Gjeruldsen Dudman   
    4.3. Gene therapy, virus vectors                                                             (Oslo, Norway)

5. Clinical Virology                                         Anne Jääskeläinen (Helsinki, Finland)
    5.1. Epidemiology and disease                   Carita Savolainen-Kopra (Helsinki, Finland)
          associations                                          Andreas Christensen (Trondheim, Norway)
    5.2. Diagnostics and novel innovations       Maria Söderlund-Venermo (Helsinki,
6. Viruses of plants                                        Kristiina Mäkinen (Helsinki, Finland)
                                                                         Anders Kvarnheden (Uppsala, Sweden)

7. Bacteriophages and viruses                    Minna Poranen (Helsinki, Finland)
of other micro-organisms                              Saija Kiljunen (Helsinki, Finland)
8. My favorite topic in virology                      Organizers at Univ.Turku