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You can study university studies from different fields at the Open University. Most of the studies offered are basic-level studies taught in Finnish. Only a few courses are taught in English. In order to complete the courses you must already have a good command of Finnish/English.

Students at the Open University have different goals: qualifications needed at the labour market, upgrading previous education or self-development. Studying at the Open University also provides one with an idea of the nature of university studies and helps one to prepare for academic degree studies.

Open University studies are arranged in cooperation with the faculties of the university. Their learning requirements correspond to those of degree studies. Open universities cannot award degrees, but credits are transferable and can be incorporated into university degrees.

Modes of study

Most courses taught in English are carried out as classroom studies at the University of Turku. Classroom study refers to a traditional university teaching method where the student

  • participates in lectures, group assignments, seminars or other teaching provided by university teachers
  • completes assignments and examinations related to studies
  • takes book examinations independently (literature examinations)

The courses are held in the evenings (after 4 p.m.) or as integrated into degree teaching in which case the Open University students can take part in the courses arranged for the degree students. The lectures usually take place during the day, Mon-Fri, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The lectures are usually organised as two hour lessons (1 lesson à 45 min). There may also be intensive courses and lectures on Saturdays. The lecturers are university teachers who are experts in their fields. 

Some Open University courses are offered as online studies. Usually the studies take place entirely online, but some of the courses may also include classroom studies and exams which are held at the University of Turku.

Course descriptions, timetables and other information can be found in the course schedules.

Registration for courses

Generally, to become a student at the Open University, you must register as a student and pay the tuition fee. The tuition fee is 15 € / study credit (equivalent to ECTS credits). Registration, tuition fee and the study right always apply to one study module or study unit/course only. Registration is done through the online service of the Open University. As there is no English version available, you can ask the course secretary or coordinator to assist you in completing the registration process. Please note that registration for the studies is binding.

Open University students are not entitled to the same financial or social benefits as degree students, nor do the Open University studies give the right to obtain a residence permit.

As a student of the Open University, you will get a user account which allows you to use the network services offered to the students of the University of Turku, such as the Moodle learning environment, library services and copying.


Contact information

General information and study guidance:
Seppo Piiparinen
e-mail: opo-avoin[at]
tel. +358408676746
Office hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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