How to apply

On the next application periods for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science and Engineering you can apply for the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Turku and funded doctoral candidate position. The application time is
  • September 3-21, 2018
  • You can find application calls from the www-pages of each doctoral programme.

The second application time will be March 1-20, 2019. Then you can apply for the right to pursue a doctoral degree.

    At the Faculty of Science and Engineering you can apply for the following doctoral programmes: 

    In addition, you can also apply to the Doctoral Study Right at the Faculty of Science and Engineering and pursue your doctoral degree in the doctoral programmes coordinated by the Faculty of Medicine:
    Please visit the www pages of the programmes for more information on how to apply.

    Who can apply

    The right to pursue a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Science and Engineering can be applied by persons who meet the eligibility criteria for pursuing a doctoral degree, as stibulated in the Universities Act (558/2009, Section 37) as well as the eligibility criteria for the right to study for a doctoral degree at the faculty.

    How to apply and application documents

    The application period begins on September 3, 2018 (00:00 Finnish time) and ends on September 21, 2018 (23:59:59 Finnish time). The application form is electronic (each  doctoral programme has its own application form). Applications arrived after the closing date for applications are not processed. 

    The detailed application instructions and the link to the electronic application form will be published on the www-pages of each programme. Please also visit our www pages for updates. Before applying, please read the detailed application instructions carefully!

    The application consists of an electronic application form and the required attachments (see the list of the required attachments from the application instructions of the doctoral programme you are applying to).


    The decisions and the admission procedure

    The applications are assessed by the doctoral programme after after the closing date for applications. Applicants are selected on the basis of  the information presented in the application and its appendices. The doctoral programme can use outside experts for the evaluation of applications, and the applicant's suitability and motivation can also be estimated by interviewing applicants.

    In addition to the eligibility criteria related to the right to pursue a doctoral degree, also the applicant’s motivation, merits, completed studies, grade of the master’s thesis (or corresponding work) and capability to complete a doctoral degree, as well as the quality and feasibility of the research plan are taken into account in the selection of doctoral candidates. The admitted applicants must have a good knowledge of the English language. A prerequisite for admission is that there is at least one person who has agreed to act as a supervisor and who fulfills the qualification requirements for supervisors. 

    Postgraduate applicants are required to have completed the advanced studies in the Master’s degree with a “Good” grade or equivalent (Grade 3 in the Finnish grading system). If this is not the case, or if the subject of the Master’s degree differs from the field of research of the intended postgraduate studies, candidates will be asked to supplement their knowledge and skills to achieve the required level. Admission is also dependent on the proposed research topic fitting within the faculty’s and its departments’ fields of research and the faculty possessing the necessary resources for teaching and supervision.

    The decision on admission to postgraduate studies is made by the dean responsible for the faculty’s postgraduate education on the basis of assesment of doctoral programmes and statement of the Department in question.  Applicants will be informed about the decisions personally.

    In the case of admitted applicants whose previous degree was obtained at an institution other than the University of Turku, the applicant has to deliver the original degree certificate documents to the faculty office as instructed in the acceptance letter. Acceptance will be conditional until the faculty has verified the authenticity of the documents.

    Appeal for rectification

    Applicants not satisfied with the decisions can make a written request for correction from the Faculty of Science and Engineering within 14 days after being notified about the decision. Well justified requests must be delivered to:
    Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sanna Ranto, Maaherran makasiini, FI-20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland.

    More information 

    If any questions regarding the application, please contact Chief Academic Officer of the postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Science and Engineering: sanna.ranto(at), tel. +358 50 325 4448.



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