Printing Licence

Faculty Council.Faculty Council has authorized the Vice Dean to grant the printing licence.

The printing licence can be granted when:

  • The pre-examiners' (favourable) statements have been received;
  • In the case pre-examiners have suggested necessary corrections these have been made and the supervisor / research director has written a statement about it for the faculty;
  • the doctoral candidate has stated that they are satisfied with the aforementioned statements (by email to the address;
  • the candidate has completed all studies required for the doctoral degree;
  • and the candidate has delivered an application for the degree certificate (signed by the research director) to the faculty.

Typically, simultaneously when granting a printing licence, the official opponent as well as the custos of the disputation are nominated.

The research director makes a proposal regarding the official opponent and the custos.

The Dean, on the basis of this proposal, appoints one or more opponents and a custos.

  • The opponent(s) should represent other than the home institution.
  • The examiners should be Adjunct Professors or have equivalent scientific merits.
  • The examiners should represent different institutions.
  • The examiners must be external in relation to the thesis, and they must not have written joint publications with the author of the thesis.
    • In addition, possible joint publications of supervisors and opponents are checked. Should there be any, the research director is asked to write a statement justifying the selection in order to ensure an unbiased process.