Permission to defend the doctoral dissertation

Faculty Council has authorized the Dean to grant the permission to defend the doctoral dissertation.

The permission to defend the doctoral dissertation can be granted when:

  • The pre-examiners' (favourable) statements have been received;
  • In the case pre-examiners have suggested necessary corrections these have been made and the supervisor / research director has written a statement about it for the faculty;
  • the doctoral candidate has stated that he/she is satisfied with the aforementioned statements (by email to the address;
  • the candidate has completed all studies required for the doctoral degree;
  • and the candidate has delivered an application for the degree certificate (signed by the research director) to the faculty.

Typically, simultaneously when granting a permission to defend the doctoral dissertation, the official opponent as well as the custos of the disputation are nominated.

The research director makes a proposal regarding the official opponent and the custos.

The Dean, on the basis of this proposal, appoints one or more opponents and a custos.

The preliminary examiners and the opponent should be adjunct professors or have equivalent scientific merits. They should be external in relation to the doctoral thesis work, they must not have co-authored publications together with the author of the doctoral thesis, they must come from outside the University of Turku and they must not have close and recent (as the main rule, from the past three years) scientific collaboration with the supervisor(s). For a justified reason, one of the preliminary examiners or the opponent may be adjunct professor at the University of Turku, if his/her regular post is elsewhere. A preliminary examiner of the doctoral thesis or the opponent must not be associated with the author of the thesis as described in Section 28 of the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003), nor must they be in such dispute- or other relationship, which obviously compromises his/her impartiality.