Instructions for doctoral education in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate students make personal postgraduate study plans together with their supervisors. The research director is responsible that the planned study module fulfils the requirements of postgraduate studies.

The structure of the postgraduate studies is specified in the study guide of the faculty and doctoral programmes.

Registration to study courses is done via NettiOpsu.

Special postgraduate studies (such as conference presentations and posters, research visits etc.) are accepted by the supervisor of a postgraduate student (in some programmes the acceptance of research director is required). A postgraduate student uses an electronic application form to apply for a registration of a study credit. The electronic form arrives at the administration for check and then collects acceptance from a supervisor.


Annual report

Doctoral candidates submit yearly the annual report according to the instructions of  doctoral programmes.

The licentiate students return annual report by the instructions of the faculty.


Career and review discussions

University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) aims to enable annual career and review discussions to all doctoral candidates. The regular and systematic review discussions (development discussions) are normal practice in employment relationships. The possibility to career and review discussions are given as well to the doctoral candidates that are doing the doctoral research on research grant or other funding. The career and review discussion are held between Doctoral candidate and the scientific supervisor (and administrative supervisor) usually in February - March.


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