Master's degree studies

Expertise in Mathematical and Biosciences

Education given at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is strongly based on research. The areas of expertise in Mathematical and Biosciences have also brought up six Master’s Degree Programmes that are taught in English and aimed at both international and domestic students. Small classes allow the students to be heard and known by the teachers and enable individual guidance considering the student’s strengths and future interests. After the programme, in approximately two years, you’ll have expertise in present theories and up-to-date technologies and research methods of the field. The Finnish Master of Science degree gives eligibility for doctoral studies both in Finland and abroad.

Programmes and specialization fields offered in 2018

MDP in Digital Health and Life Sciences offers four different tracks

  • Health Technology and Medical Analytics (MSc (Tech))
  • Health Internet-of-Things (MSc)
  • Bioinformatics (MSc)
  • Molecular Systems Biology (MSc)
MDP in Embedded computing (MSc (Tech))

MDP in Information Security and Cryptography
  • Networked Systems Security (MSc (Tech)
  • Cryptography and Data Security (MSc)
MDP in Biomedical Sciences​
  • Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics (MSc)
  • Medicinal and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (MSc)
  • Drug Discovery and Development (offered by the Faculty of Medicine)
  • Biomedical Imaging (offered by the Faculty of Medicine)
MDP in Physical and Chemical Sciences
  • ​​Astronomy and Space Physics (MSc)
  • Materials Chemistry (MSc)
  • Materials Physics (MSc)
  • Theoretical Physics​ (MSc)