Study rights and academic matters

​Demarcation of study right concerning studies started since 1.8.2005

Upon request the Faculty may grant the student additional time for completing an unfinished degree. The application must be submitted by the end of March in the same year when the study right is expiring at the end of July. If the study right expires in December, additional time must be applied by the end of October.

Also an already expired study right can be returned and additional time granted if the student applies for it and presents an acceptable personal study plan that has been accepted at the department. In these cases a re-registration fee of 35 Euros will be charged.

The decisions about study right extensions are made by the Head of Student and Academic Affairs and the Vice Dean.

A personal study plan including all the study attainments missing from the degree must be enclosed with the application. If the students has particular reasons for the slow progress of the studies, a clarification (for example a doctor's statement) must also be included. The personal study plan should indicate progress of at least 40 ECTS/academic year.