The Biochemistry discipline is the oldest unit of the department and it was founded in 1957. Disciplines personnel consists of 12 teachers and researchers. In addition to budget funded staff, there are around 30 external funds paid post-graduate doctoral students, doctoral researchers and research assistants.

Biochemistry is the study of life in the level of molecule structure and acitivity. Modern biochemistry try to solve questions considering for example the regulation of genes as well as issues considering of the structure and functions of cells key proteins. Biochemistry and its main research methods have important part in solving problems in microbiology, cell biology and biomedicine. The research of Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku focuses on structure biology and enzyme chemistry of the proteins in mammalian and bacterial cells and on molecular biology and immunochemistry of microbes. The program aims to provide solid theoretical and methodological skills for the students of biochemisrty so that they have a possiblity to succeed in scientific research or other work in applied biochemistry.