Dynamic and fast built teaching and research in Biotechnology as an independent discipline began in 1989. Teaching in Biotechnology expanded in 2007 to include also Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Tech.). Today the biotechnology personnel include two professors, university lecturer and two university teachers. The number of project personnel from external funding is over 50. The teaching and research facilities of Biotechnology are located in BioCity and Pharmacity which are situated in the Science Park area.
The research of Biotechnology discipline develops new methods and instruments for the detection of both diseases and harmful compounds in environment. This is supported by molecular biotechnology in which, by modifying molecules, techniques are created to detect objects of interest for example by means of light emitting molecules. The research emphasis is reflected in teaching where lectures and laboratory work are in balance.
Indo-Finnish Diagnostics Research Centre, IFDRC can be found in the link with Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics. The centre operates in co-operation with the Indian part The Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) which coordinates the Centre's activities in India.
Research in Biotechnology