Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

In the Department of Biochemistry you can study for Licentiate of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biochemistry, Food Chemistry, Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics, and in Molecular Plant Biology. Licentiate or Doctor of Science (PhD Tech.) degree can be completed in Analytical Biotechnology and in Food Development.
Guidelines, curricula guide and forms for postgraduate studies can be found from web site of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Applying for postgraduate studies

Study right for a doctoral degree is applied via Doctoral Programmes of University of Turku. The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences (DPMLS) operates at Department of Biochemistry and is one of the 16 doctoral programmes of University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) which cover all disciplines represented and all the Doctoral Candidates conducting their doctoral studies at University of Turku.
The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences (DPMLS) operates in one of the strongest research areas of the University of Turku. The research groups forming the programme act in the areas of Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Plant Biology, Bioenergetics, Biotechnology, In vitro -diagnostics, Food Chemistry and Food Development. DPMLS is working in collaboration with the doctoral programmes in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. DPMLS will also form national networks with other Finnish doctoral programmes in life science area. Regarding additional information, please see the website of the doctoral programme
Right to pursue a doctoral degree can be applied for within set application periods. Calls are arranged 2-4 times per year. More information about application periods can be found from www-pages of the doctoral programme.

Before applying for postgraduate studies, applicant should agree on supervision arrangements with the department.

Decisions on granting the right to pursue a doctoral degree is made in faculty based on proposal of the doctoral programme.

The degree requirements

For the Doctor of Philosophy or Technology degree the student must:
1) complete curriculum defined studies for 60 credits. Postgraduate studies can not include studies that are included in the master's degree. The rule applies in completed master's degrees after 1.8.2009. Curriculum for 2016-2018.
2) write and publish a doctoral thesis which is approved bt the Faculty after a public inspection.