Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics

Our MDP in Bioinformatics offers interdisciplinary knowledge of bioinformatics. The MSc graduates will be “bilingual”, thanks to their expertise in both information technology and biosciences, and be able to work in diverse teams consisting of professionals from different countries and scientific backgrounds. Applicable prior studies for studying in our programme include BSc degrees in biosciences or information technology as well as other BSc degrees that provide sufficient knowledge of at least one of the core fields of bioinformatics.

The learning goals of the programme include acquiring broad knowledge of the field of bioinformatics; good methodological skills; advanced knowledge of a specialized topic within the domain; an ability to independently solve problems arising from challenging research questions; an ability to search for, combine, and critically evaluate information; presentation and argumentation skills, both oral and written; as well as an ability to engage in a constructive dialogue with related disciplines. At the end of your MSc studies you are expected to have insight into actual research and development work as well as into the possibilities and limitations of bioinformatics methods in their application domain and in society at large.

Biomedical research and development in industry and in academia requires increasing numbers of bioinformaticians, especially in the emerging field of DNA sequencing data analysis. Our Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics also makes you eligible for scientific postgraduate studies in bioinformatics as well as in biosciences or in method sciences. This kind of multidisciplinary education opens up excellent employment opportunities.


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Project researcher / Coordinator
Juho Heimonen

MDP in Bioinformatics
Department of Information Technology
FI-20014 University of Turku