Finnish tick project

​During last ten years, the taiga tick (Ixodes persulcatus) has invaded to Finland from east. It has been suggested that I. persulcatus ticks are even more efficient vectors and cause more severe symptoms of TBE and borreliosis than already established I. ricinus (sheep tick a.k.a. deer tick). In this project, we explore distributions, preferred environments and potential hosts of the Ixodes ticks in SW Finland.

Aims of the project:

  • Estimate abundance (larvae, nymphs and adults) of Ixodex species near Turku, SW Finland. Special focus is given to a newcomer Ixodes persulcatus in addition to established species Ixodes ricinus.
  • Determine their preferred habitats within distribution ranges.
  • Prepare material that helps species identification of the ticks.
  • Estimate abundance (prevalence) of vectors of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme borreliosis and tick-borne encephalitis and link this information to different tick species and habitats.
  • Provide public information on ticks and diseases.