Biological Evolution and Diversification of LANguages (BEDLAN)

​Our study "species" are Uralic languages and Finnish dialects. A central research material in the macroevolutionary aspects is lexical material of Uralic languages, i.e. basic vocabulary lists collected within the project. Currently we gather also structural data base of Uralic languages. Instead, microevolutionary aspect on linguistic divergence is studied with the 80-year-old extensive Finnish dialect data collected by Lauri Kettunen and digitized initially by the Institute for the Languages of Finland (KOTUS) and York University (Sheila Embledon and Eric Wheeler).

The main financer of the project is Kone Foundation. The financed researchers include PhD students: in biology, Terhi Honkola (UTU), in linguistics Jyri Lehtinen (HY) and Kaj Syrjänen (TaY), post docs in biology: Jenni Lehtinen (HY) and linguistics Mikko Heikkilä (TaY), principal investigator Outi Vesakoski (biology, UTU). Senior fellows include Niklas Wahlberg (biology, UTU) and Antti Leino (linguistics, TaY). Interactive members include also linguistics Urho Määttä (TaY) and Toni Suutari (KOTUS) and assistants in geography and linguistics.

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