Seminars in Biology
Autumn 2018: Seminars are in 215 Natura on Tuesdays at 14.15-15.00, unless noted otherwise.

TBA = speaker/title to be announced later.
Minisymposium "Conservation of forest species"
Thursday, September 27th 2018, Ecology Seminar Room (215, Natura):
14:15 Peter Lurz (University of Edinburgh): The use of modelling approaches to assist in forest management and red squirrel conservation
15:15 Patrik Byholm (Novia University of Applied Sciences):Goshawks in a changing forest landscape
16:00 Vesa Selonen (University of Turku): Habitat associations at different spatial scales and conservation of flying squirrel
  • Sun 30th Sept Tuulia Appleby (AB Klinikka): Tunteiden ja kivun merkitys hevosen kouluttamisessa ja käsittelyssä. X Natura at 11.00-14.00

Spring 2018: Seminars are in XI Natura on Tuesdays at 14.15-15.00, but occasionally there are seminars on other days too (these will be noticed separately by email).

TBA = speaker/title to be announced later.
  • Thu 18th Jan Adam Wilkins (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): Is there a shared genetic basis of 'domestication' in domesticated animals? XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 23rd Jan  Carly Lynsdale (University of Turku): Nematode infection in Asian elephants; mysterious males & curious calves. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 30th Jan  Hongbo Zhang (Åbo Akademi): Applying nanotechnology to human health. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 2nd Feb Conny Sjöqvist (Åbo Akademi): Metagenomics of bacterioplankton within a population genomic framework. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 13th Feb  Karuna Kalichamy (University of Turku): Pim kinases as regulators of sensory functions. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 20th Feb  Jonna Kulmuni (University of Helsinki): Ants can help to unravel the mystery of speciation. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 27th Feb  Robin Cristofari (University of Turku): Bringing population genetics into penguin demography. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 6th Mar Antoine Stier (University of Turku): The physiological ecology of ageing: mitochondrial function, oxidative stress and telomere dynamics in birds. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 13th Mar Anu Hynninen (University of Turku): Geomicrobiology: microbes on and in the basalt. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Thur 15th Mar Oliver Krüger (University of Bielefeld): New challenges and threats for recovered raptor populations in GermanyXI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 20th Mar Eero Vesterinen (University of Turku & University of Helsinki): Droppings à la carte: served with DNA soup and a foodweb salad. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 27th Mar  Eva Rothäusler (University of Turku): Fucus in the Northern Baltic Sea - dispersal opportunities and persistence under climate change. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 10th Apr  Anti Vasemägi (University of Turku): Contemporary natural selection on transcript abundance in a wild vertebrate. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 24th Apr  Karel Mokany (CSIRO, Canberra): Improving our understanding of biodiversity patterns and dynamics by combining information from communities and species. XI Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Mon 7th May Bernhard Eitzinger (University of Helsinki): Predator-prey interactions in changing environments. Seminar room 215 Natura at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 15th May Nate Bickford (University of Nebraska): Goshawks' nesting behavior and choices: Can these birds be bioindicators for climate changes in the boreal forest? Seminar room 2015 Natura at 14.15-15.00

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Autumn 2017: Seminars are either in the Biology Seminar Room (Natura) or in room XVII  (2nd floor, Quantum) on Tuesdays at 14.15-15.00, but occasionally there are seminars on other days too (these will be noticed separately by email).

TBA = speaker/title to be announced later. Local organisers: Satu Ramula & Manu Tamminen.
  • Thu 7 Sept Hannah Haynie (Colorado State University): Modeling linguistic diversity: From micro-scale correlates to macro-scale processes. Biology Seminar Room (215) at 14.15-15.00
  • Fri 29 Sept Morgane Tidière (Claude Bernard University Lyon): Diversity of senescence patterns across mammals: the particular issue with long-lived species Room 251 (Natura) at 14.15-15.00
  • Tue 3 Oct Päivi Onkamo (University of Turku) Ancient genomics and human population history in North-East Europe. Biology Seminar Room (215)
  • Tue 10 Oct Jasper Van doninck (University of Turku): Exploiting open satellite data for Amazonian biodiversity modelling  Biology Seminar Room (215)
  • Tue 17 Oct No seminar due to the BGG Baltic Sea Symposium, Educarium Lecture Hall EDU2
  • Tue 24 Oct No seminar due to a symposium 26.10.
  • Tue 31 Oct Mirkka Jones (University of Turku): Plant community ecology and conservation challenges in the Southwest Australian biodiversity hotspot. XVII Quantum
  • Tue 7 Nov Michael Briga (University of Turku): Shaping patterns of mortality in humans and birds.  XVII Quantum
  • Tue 14 Nov Anna Vähärautio (University of Helsinki): Single-cell characterization of drivers in high-grade serous ovarian cancer tumors. XVII Quantum
  • T​ue 21 Nov Alex Hall (ETH Zürich): Associations among resistance phenotypes in natural and clinical E. coli. XVII Quantum 
  • Tue 28 Nov Pekka Niittynen (University of Helsinki): Integrating local scale drivers into climate change impact studies of Arctic vegetation. XVII Quantum
  • Thu 30 Nov Gregory Ruiz (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center): Biological invasions & management in coastal systems: A North American perspective. Biology Seminar Room (215) at 13.15-14.00
  • Tue 5 Dec Tutku Aykanat (University of Helsinki): Genetic basis and  evolution of life history traits in Atlantic salmon.  XVII Quantum
  • Tue 12 Dec Shane Hogle (MIT) Trait biogeography and the global pangenome of Prochlorococcus, the most abundant photosynthesizing organism on Earth. XVII Quantum