Julien Terraube-Monich

Behavioural and demographic responses of predators to global change

My main research interests lie at the interface of behavioural and population ecology and its application to biodiversity conservation. Few studies have attempted to unravel the links between habitat quality, individual behaviour (through foraging and dispersal strategies) and their fitness consequences. Thus, I am particularly interested in identifying the behavioural processes underlying population responses to habitat heterogeneity and their implications for the conservation of threatened predators in ecosystems facing rapid global changes.
I am currently involved in several research projects at the University of Turku, including:
1) Top predator’s response to climate change in subarctic ecosystems: is primary prey abundance the key?
2) Individual variations in breeding dispersal of Eurasian kestrels: causes and fitness consequences.
3) Demographic response of two old forest specialists to habitat fragmentation.
For an updated list of publications, please refer to my Researchgate and Google Scholar profiles (links are to the right)

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Section of Ecology
Department of Biology
University Hill
20014 University of Turku

 Julien Terraube-Monich


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