Biology courses given in English

The following list provides links to the course description pages of courses that are given in English on a regular basis. The next scheduled time for each course is indicated in parentheses. Please use the provided link to the course description page to check if specific previous studies are required. A list of discontinued courses is found at the very end.

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BIOL3050 Bioinformatics for Biologists, 2 ECTS (spring 2019given every spring)

BIOL4080 Biological researcher course, 5 ECTS (autumn 2018, periods 1-2given every autumn)

BIOL4321 Advanced Evolutionary Biology 1, 5 ECTS (autumn 2018, period 1; given in autumn of even years)

BIOL4322 Advanced Evolutionary Biology 2​, 5 ECTS (autumn 2019; given in autumn of odd years)

BIOL4411 Advanced Conservation Biology, 5 ECTS (spring 2020; given in spring of even years)

BIOL5050 Human Evolution, 5 ECTS (spring 2020given in spring of even years)

BIOL5200 Research Seminar in Biology​, 2 ECTS​ (continuoussee the weekly program here​

BIOL5201 Presenting and Publishing Scientific Data in Biology, 3 ECTS​ (autumn 2018, periods 1-2, given every autumn)​

BIOL5202 Project Work in Biology​, 2-6 ECTS​ (agreed individually)

BIOL5350 Molecular Systematics, 3–6 ECTS (spring 2019given in spring of odd years)

​EKOL2217 Tropical Ecology, 2–4 ECTS (autumn 2018, period 2; given in autumn of even years) sign up for the course here​

EKOL2311 Geographical Plant Ecology​, 5 ECTS (autumn 2019: given in autumn of odd years)

EKOL2320 Field Course in Subarctic Ecology, 3 ECTS (summer 2018; given in summer of even years)​

EKOL2348 Arachnids in Finland​,​ 2 ECTS (spring 2019; given in spring of odd years)

EKOL2356 Mycology Field Course, 2 ECTS (autumn 2019given in autumn of odd years)​

EKOL2359 Basics on Identification of Bryophyte Species​, 3 ECTS (spring 2020; given in spring of even years)


EKOL3030 Literature in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 1, 5-8 ECTS (agreed individually)

EKOL3159 Introduction to R, 5 ECTS + TILM3517 Basics of R Language​, 2 ECTS (spring 2019; given every spring)

EKOL4101 Ecological Interactions​, 5 ECTS (autumn 2019; given in autumn of odd years)

EKOL4102 Environmental Ecology​, 5 ECTS (spring 2019; given in spring of odd years)

EKOL4320 Spatial biodiversity informatics and landscape ecology, 5 ECTS​ (spring 2019; given every spring)

FILY1486-3001 Philosophy of Biology​, 2 ECTS​ (autumn 2018, periods 1-2)

FYGE4010 Ecotoxicology, 3 ECTS (autumn 2018, periods 1-2; given every autumn)

FYGE4303 Literature in Physiology and Genetics 1, 5-8 ECTS (agreed individually)

FYGE5320 Evolutionary Applications​, 5 ECTS​ (autumn 2018, period 2sign up for the course here

FYGE5410 Recombination Mechanisms​, 3 ECTS (spring 2020given in spring of even years)

FYGE5430 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and its applications​, 2–4 ECTS (April 2018)

Laboratory animal science course5 ECTS ​(spring 2019; given every spring)

PSYK8950 Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology, 6 ECTS (autumn 2018, given every autumn)

YMPS1050 Urban ecology and design​, 2–4 op ​(cancelled in 2018, next time autumn 2019; given every autumn)

YMPS6002 Environment and Development, 2–6 ECTS (exceptionally given in autumn 2018, period 2; usually given in autumn of odd years)

YMPS6043 Conservation Biology, 2 ECTS (spring 2019; given in the spring of odd years)​

ÅA__2830 Cell Signaling​, 10 ECTS (Autumn 2018, period 1)

ÅA__3091 Macrophyte Ecology​, 5 ECTS​ (autumn 2018; given in autumn of even years) course page in ÅAU with more detail​

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Courses that have been given in the recent past, but will not be given again in the near future​

BIOL1301 Basic Genetics​, 3 ECTS​ (the course is given, but in Finnish only)​

BIOL2121 Evolutionary biology 5 ECTS​ (the course is given, but in Finnish only)

BIOL5301 Reading Course on Evolutionary Biology,​ 3 ECTS

EKOL 2321 From Individuals to Populations, 3 ECTS

EKOL2425 Population Estimation and Monitoring Methodology, 3 ECTS

EKOL3003 Ecology and Biodiversity Research Seminar, 2 ECTS (now under BIOL5200 Research Seminar in Biology) 

​EKOL3004 Visitor Seminar, 2 ECTS (now under BIOL5200 Research Seminar in Biology)

​EKOL3021 Development of Ecological Concepts,​ 3 ECTS

EKOL3132 Advanced Issues in Biodiversity Research,​ 4 ECTS

EKOL3134 Use of GIS and Remote Sensing in Studying Biodiversity, 2 ECTS (now included in EKOL4320 Spatial biodiversity informatics and landscape ecology)

EKOL3135 Biodiversity Informatics, 2 ECTS (now included in EKOL4320 Spatial biodiversity informatics and landscape ecology)

EKOL3138 Advanced Programming in R and its Application in Ecology and Evolution, 3 ECTS

EKOL3141 Advanced Conservation Ecology, 6 ECTS

EKOL3149 Biogeography of Tropical Forests, 2 ECTS

EKOL3150 Tropical Plant Families, 4 ECTS

EKOL3152 Discussion Club on Statistical Methods in Ecological Research, 2 ECTS

EKOL3158 Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Herbivore Interactions, 6 ECTS

EKOL3160 Field Course in Aquatic Environmental Research, 3 ECTS

EKOL4103 Determinants of species distributions in space and time, 2 ECTS

FYGE2211 Genetics of Natural Populations,​ 4 ECTS 

FYGE3209 Genetics, Methods and Models in Drug Development, 2–6 ECTS

FYGE3210 Manipulating Organisms at Will, 4–6 ECTS

FYGE4311 Bioscience Research Seminars, 2 ECTS (now under BIOL5200 Research Seminar in Biology)

FYGE5310 Ecological Genomics, 3 ECTS

FYGE5330 Conservation Genetics, 3 ECTS

FYGE5390 Evolutionary Biology Journal club, 2 ECTS

YMPS6047 Environmental agreements and project management, 2 ECTS​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​YMPS1029 Sustainable Urban Development and Living, 4 ECTS