Instrument Centre
The Instrument Centre serves as a shared facility for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Turku and for the Department of Science at Åbo Akademi University. With 5 modern NMR-instruments and a sophisticated mass spectrometer, the Centre is one of the best equipped educational MS/NMR facilities in Finland. The instrument Centre not only serves the academic community, but also cooperates in research and development projects and sells analyzing services both to industry and other research centers.
Students and researchers run their spectra mostly by themselves. Students will be trained to use the instruments when they are starting the experimental part of their Bachelor of Science or Master of Science studies.
The current hardware facilitates a wide range of chemical structure studies in both liquid and solid state, especially bio-organic molecules, but also polymers, ionic liquids and metallo-organic compounds.
More information: Please contact Facility Manager Dr. Jari Sinkkonen (e-mail: