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Conjugated polymers and the Spectroelectrochemistry of Thin Films




Ionic Liquids


  Layer-by-Layer Thin Films: Fabrication and Mechanical Properties


​Applied NMR 






Metal-Organic Chemistry  




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 Carita Kvarnström​

Conjugated polymers and the thin film Spectroelectrochemistry

​Jukka Lukkari

Properties of thin films

​ Keijo Haapakka



Researchers and teaching staff 

​University Lecturer

Metal-Organic Chemistry

Ari Lehtonen

​University Teacher


Timo Ala-Kleme

University Teacher

Conducting polymers, Fullerenes, Ionic liquids, Spectroelectrochemistry

Pia Damlin

​University Lecturer

Layer-by-layer Thin Films 

Mikko Salomäki


University Teacher

Conducting Polymers, Potentiometric sensors

Ulriika Vanamo

​University Teacher

Applied NMR

Henri Kivelä


 Ph.D. Students


Graphenes, Conducting Polymers, Ionic liquids

Milla Suominen


Markus Räsänen

Conducting Polymers, Spectroelectrochemistry

Nianxing Wang


Sergio Espinosa Dominguez

Conducting Polymers, Spectroelectrochemistry

Bhushan Gadgil



    Research topics     People    Dissertations    Publications    Collaboration
Jussi Kauppila, 2014: 
Graphene from graphite by chemical and physical techniques. Link

Iko Hyppänen, 2012: 

Frequency-Domain and Wide-Pulse Time-Domain Measurements of Lanthanide Luminescence and Lanthanide-Based Resonance Energy Transfer.   Link 

Antti Viinikanoja, 2007:

Self-assembled electroactive mono and multilayers: preparation,

structure and properties.


Henri Kivelä, 2006:

NMR Spectroscopic Structure Elucidation of N-, O-, and P-Containing Heterocycles: Constitution, Configuration and Conformation


Mikko Salomäki, 2005:

Buildup, Structure and Physical Properties of Some Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films



  Research topics     People    Dissertations    Publications    Collaboration


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