The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
​The research in the laboratory is focused on the chemistry of biopolymers, DNA and RNA in particular, chemistry of natural products, especially complex plant polyphenols such as tannins, as well as physical organic structural chemistry and reaction kinetics. The latter two aspects continue the long-standing research traditions of the laboratory, whereas the biomolecule and natural chemistry directions - chemical biology - represent research that is strongly based on this tradition.  
The Bioorganic Group in a nutshell
Nucleic acid chemistry projects include the cleavage of RNA and its catalysts, development of oligonucleotide gluco- and peptide conjugates as tools of cell biology and drug development, solid-phase synthesis, diagnostic methods based on bioaffinity and DNA base modifications.
The Natural Chemistry Research Group in a nutshell
New directions include the research of natural compound chemistry. This includes the development of new chemical methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant secondary metabolites together with the methods needed for bioactivity measurements. All research aims for better understanding of the significance of secondary metabolites in plants and for better utilization of the metabolites in various applications. All this needs detailed structure-activity analysis of the detected metabolites.  


 Research Groups