Postgraduate Studies
​Postgraduate studies at the chemistry department aim mainly to doctor of philosophy degree, although, it is also possible to complete a licentiate's degree. For this reason postgraduate students are called doctoral candidates in this page. All doctoral candidates studying at the Department of Chemistry are members of both University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) and Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The doctoral candidates are eligible to participate the courses of the aforementioned and their instructions and rules concern them as well. In addition, doctoral candidates may belong to another doctoral program whose actions the faculty or the department participates. For example National Doctoral Program of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology (OCCB), National Doctoral Programme in Nanoscience (NGS-NANO) and Graduate School of Chemical Sensors and Microanalytical Systems (CHEMSEM) are such programs. These doctoral programs will most likely disband by the end of 2013. In future, doctoral candidates of chemistry will belong mainly to the Doctoral Programme of Physical and Chemical sciences.

Licentiate of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

Most postgraduate students complete a full doctoral degree directly after their Master's degree. The licentiate degree is primarily intended for professional accreditation. It is possible to achieve these degrees at the Department of Chemistry in: chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, natural compound chemistry, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, radiochemistry.

Applying for Postgraduate Studies

The normal way into the postgraduate studies is to contact first the professor of the field of research and possibly the desired supervisor. More detailed instructions and admission criteria can be found from the web pages of the  Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Degree Requirements 

The PhD degree studies consist of 60 credits of studies that are applicable for the field of research and thesis work of 180 credits. LicPhil degree requires 60 + 90 credits. More information about the requirements can be found from the web pages of the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.