Curricula guide and teaching schedule

Curricula Guide (study guide) consists of the Academic Curriculum. It describes the degree objectives and requirements as well as individual courses. Curricula Guide can be found in NettiOpsu. Updated information about course timetables and places can be found in Teaching schedule. It is also available in NettiOpsu. 


The following list provides links to the course description pages of courses that are given in English during the academic year 2017-2018.



BSc level


MAAN6733 Methods in GIS II, 5 ECTS

MAAN6735 Methods in Remote Sensing II, 5 ECTS

MAAN6682 Development geography, 5 ECTS


MSc level


MAAN7340 Participation, spatial planning and GIS, 5 ECTS

MAAN7551 Aluekehitys, -suunnittelu ja -politiikka, 5 ECTS

(This is given in English in 2017-2018: "Regional development, planning and policies: spatial mobility and mobile phone data")

MAAN7562 Urban regeneration projects and place marketing, 5 ECTS

MAAN7563 Legal geography, 3 ECTS

MAAN7564 Science and technology parks: Comparing Turku and Berlin innovation hubs 5 ECTS

MAAN7364 Practicals in Fluvial and Coastal Environments, 3 ECTS

MAAN7365 Fluvial and Coastal fieldwork course, 3 ECTS

MAAN7315 Marine and coastal spatial planning, 5 ECTS

MAAN6502 Participation in a Seminar or a conference, 1-3 ECTS

Several literature examinations can be taken in English:

MAAN6291 Political geography, 2 ECTS

MAAN6259 Social geography, 3 ECTS

MAAN6262 Economic geography, 3 ECTS

MAAN7821 Optional readings in geography I, 2–5 ECTS

MAAN7822 Optional readings in geography II, 2-5 ECTS

Development Studies programme is discontinued in the end of June, 2016. However, students who are interested in multidisciplinary development questions are encouraged to register for UniPID Virtual Studies. The University of Turku is a partner of UniPID, a Finnish university partnership for international development.

UniPID Virtual Studies:



 BSc level

GEOL1132 Introduction to bedrock geology, 3 ECTS

GEOL1112 Resources of the Earth, 2 ECTS

GEOL1127 Ore Geology, 5 ECTS

GEOL4518 Field course (Precambrian rocks), 2 ECTS


MSc level

Quaternary sequence stratigraphy, Lake and environmental geochemistry:

GMAA4833 Field course I: Fennoscandian Quaternary glacial environment and sequence stratigraphy, 5 ECTS

GMAA4834 FIeld course II: Fennoscandian Quarteranary glacial environment and sequence stratigraphy, 5 ECTS

GMAA4736 Laboratory practical works in glacial and Quarternary geology, 5 ECTS

GMAA4832 Lake and marine sediments as archives of environmental change, 5 ECTS


Evolution of the Fennoscandian bedrock:

ÅA243020 Fennoscandian geology, 5 ECTS

ÅA243022 Magmatic processes, 5 ECTS

GMIN4818 Metamorphic processes, 5 ECTS

GMIN4822 Book exam in bedrock geology, 5 ECTS


Other MSc level courses in Geology:

GMIN3015 Practical course in ore prospecting, 2 ECTS

GMIN3014 Introduction to ore prospecting and ore resource evaluation, 2 ECTS

GMAA4730 Practical image analysis in Quarternary paleolimnology, 2 ECTS


The Academic Year 2017-2018 teaching periods are:

  • I period  4.9.–29.10.2017
  • II period 30.10.–22.12.2017
  • III period 8.1.–4.3.2018
  • IV period 5.3.–29.4.2018
  • V period 30.4.–21.6.2018