ViLLE Learning Platform

ViLLE ( is a learning platform developed at the Department of Future Technologies in Turku University. It is built on an idea of a community of teachers who share the courses and exercises that they create for the platform. A teacher can build on the work of others and again share the results. The aim is to lessen the individual workload while at the same time support the creation of high quality content. Exercises in ViLLE are template based and there are collections of templates for teaching languages, mathematics and programming. There are also general templates which are suitable for a wider variety of topics. New templates are actively developed and suggestions for additional ones are very welcome. ViLLE collects learning activity data which can be used as a bases for teaching improvement. Familiar mechanisms from social media is utilized to bring forth the best of collective resources (exercises, courses, materials, etc.). Keywords based classification and reviews aid in finding suitable content.

For the student ViLLE gives the benefit of studying at his/her own pace at a convenient time and place. Typically exercises can be tried multiple times to improve the score. In mathematics the values in formulas can be randomized so the exercises are different every time. The exercises are assessed automatically and feedback is given immediately. The start-page gives the student a clear overview of progress in different courses. In addition to ViLLE's exercises the platform can be used to collect answers to assignments with tools for assessment and feedback. There is also support for electronic exams were both ViLLE exercises and assignments can be used. The ordinary  assessment and feedback mechanisms can be customizated for the purpose.

ViLLE learning platform is in active development in the Computer Science Education Reseach group at the Department of Information Technology (a short introduction:

ViLLE is in wide spread use and there are teachers from 15 different countries participating. The platform has 1200 teachers and 20 000 students registered. Yearly ViLLE assesses automatically over 1 5000 000 answers with 5 000 000 immediate feedbacks.

The use of ViLLE is free of charge, but a registration is required. Instructions for starting to use ViLLE can be found on Using VILLE -page.