Exam Procedures

The Department of Future Technologies organizes written exams on general exam dates and electronic exams.
The registration for written exams is done through Nettiopsu.
Electronic exams are organized either in ViLLE system or in Electronic Exam Service. The e-exam rooms are located in Agora, Teutori and Turku School of Economics. If the course has electronic exam, you will find information about it from the course's webpage and at the lectures.
General exam dates
You are allowed to take one exam on an exam day. Participating two exams during the same session requires a permission from the lecturers. You have to have a good reason for taking two exams (last exam, graduation). Notify by e-mail ( about the permission one week before the exams at the latest and register for the both exams in Nettiopsu.
Registration ends seven days before the exam day. If the exam day is Monday, you must register on the previous Monday by 23:59. Late registrations are not accepted.
A registration counts as taking the exam. If a student has not registered to the exam, the exam will not be graded nor credited.
In cases of unclarity, please contact the person responsible for exams.
Exam location
The exams are held in auditorium IX in Natura. However, you should always check the location. Seats in the lecture hall for different exams are marked with cards of different colours. Students taking two exams have their own seats, The seating can be seen outside the auditorium. The seating must be followed. If you cannot find a free seat for your exam, contact the exam supervisors. All extra belongings (bags, coats, etc.) are to be placed to the aisles for the duration of the exam. You MUST remember to close your cell phones.
You have to arrive within half an hour from the scheduled beginning of the exam session. The session lasts 4 hours starting from when each participant has been given their question papers. You may not leave the session until half an hour from the scheduled beginning of the exam session. The identity of participants is checked, so have with you your student card or other valid certificate of identity.
The regulations about cheating in an exam are mentioned in the University of Turku Regulation and Rules on Studies, article 25. According to these regulations, a student found cheating in an exam or behaving disturbingly may be immediately removed from the examination session and the exam will be failed. The exam may be failed also if cheating is discovered after the exam session. The student may be punished by issuing a warning or by temporary expelling from the university.

Eligibility for exams

For each course three exams are held within a year from the end of the course (University of Turku Regulation and Rules on Studies, article 18).

 A student may participate in an exam of the course three times. A student may take the exam during any official exam day that provides the exam of the course. The exam questions are prepared according to the last arranged course, so taking the exams right after the course has ended is recommended.
It is also possible to organize extra exam on summer exam date on the courses that has been lectured last year. These exams must be agreed by 31st May.