Student Organizations

Asteriski ry

asteriski.gifAsteriski ry is the association for students studying at the Department of Future Technologies. The purpose of Asteriski ry is to advocate the interests of the  students, organize various activities for its' members and function as a link between other student associations, both locally and nationally. The association also maintains an exam archive and sells course material for selected courses. For more information and office hours, visit

Digit ry

 digit.gifDigit ry is the guild for students of IT, electronics and datacommunication studying in University of Turku. The organisation's goal is to support its members in their studies, to maintain their rights, to provide them with leisure activities and to promote teekkari(student of technology)-culture in Turku. It is easiest to approach the board of the organisation via email ( For further information, our on-call times and contact information, visit