Accepting Master's Thesis
Note! Master’s thesis is a public document.

Assessment criteria for Master's thesis

Electrical plagiarism detection is a part of the quality system of education and research at the University of Turku. From 1. August 2013 onwards Master’s thesis must be attached a certificate which states that an originality check has been made by the supervisor. Here you can find the certificate. 

Here you can find the  control mark (about electrical plagiarism) which has to be included to the Master’s thesis

Procedure for accepting Master’s thesis
1.    The thesis is written in Finnish or in English.
2.    The vice head of the department appoints two examiners for the thesis before the statement is written.
3.    Student has to write the maturity essay.
4.    Examiners write the statement regarding the thesis and send it to the student to be read and signed.
5.    Accepted maturity essay, acceptance form, abstract page (in Finnish and in English as one pdf-format and also as one doc-, rtf- or txt-format and in paper), statement, Certificate of plagiarism check withTurnitin, hard-copy of the thesis (one) and the thesis as a pdf-format have to be delivered to Jemina Kiviniemi. The file name should be your student ID number.
6.    The thesis will be accepted by vice-head of the department.
7.    The accepted thesis can be published in the University's publication archive. 
In case you are interested in this, please see more information here.