​Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Turku is a strong contributor in the fields of education and research.

Mathematics and Statistics training programme offers both extensive know-how in basics of mathematical sciences and possibility to deepen one’s knowledge in mathematics, statistics, teaching of mathematics or applied mathematics.

Research in mathematics focuses specially on discrete mathematics but mathematical modeling and analysis are also strongly represented in department’s research profile.

Statistical research and consulting at the University of Turku takes place at the Center of Statistics, which aggregates skillful statisticians from different units at the University of Turku and coordinates their collaboration.






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 Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Visiting Address: Quantum, second and third floor (Map)
Address: Matematiikan ja tilastotieteen laitos,  20014 Turun yliopisto
Fax: +358 2 231 0311