Complex Systems Research Group
Networks structure behind inventions with colours indicating different subjects.

Group leader

 Lauri Repokari, Researcher (director of administration)

Other members​

Mark Goldsmith, Research director

Jussi Westergren, Professor

Jussi Hannula, Researcher (head of administration)

​Joona Kurikka, Researcher

Peter Tapio, Researcher

Andreas Holmström, Researcher

Guillermo García-Pérez, Spectre fellow

Harto Saarinen, PhD student

Toni Hotanen, PhD student

Anna Pursiheimo, PhD student


Description of the research

The main research subject of the group is agent based complex systems, stochastic modelling, automata networks and machine learning. The group is also doing applied work on modelling social, cognitive and biological systems.

Complex Systems Research Group (CSRG) was established in 2016 as Turku Complex Systems Institute (TCSI).​