Number Theory Group

Number Theory Research in Turku

Nowadays number theory research in Turku mostly concentrates on additive and multiplicative number theory. For instance we study the theory of multiplicative functions, sieve methods and their applications and additive problems on primes and integers. Furthermore we work on additive combinatorics and modular forms and their connections to classical analytic number theory.

Algebraic number theory has also been researched in Turku but these days algebraic number theory research concentrates on applying number theory to coding theoretical problems, see  the coding theory group .



Professors Emeriti


  • Reijo Ernvall, Senior lecturer, HAMK University of Applied Sciences


Doctoral students

Some theses of former members of the group, defended in Turku



The number theory group organizes a regular number theory seminar together with Åbo Akademi.

An international conference Turku Symposium on Number Theory in Memory of Kustaa Inkeri was organized in Turku from May 31 to June 4, 1999. A conference on algorithmic number theory was held in Turku in Spring 2007 and a workshop on analytic number theory in Spring 2014.
Number theory days in Finland which gather together Finnish researchers in Number theory were organized in Turku at 2013.

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