Applying to the University of Turku

​​Degree Students

A degree student has already achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree and is continuing on Master's level studies or on a Master's Programme. The duration of studies for degree students is usually 2 years of full-time studies and the outcome after the completed Master's thesis will be a Master's degree. Department of Mathematics and Statistics takes part in Master's Degree Programme in Information Security and Cryptography.
How to apply for a degree student.

Exchange Students

Exchange students are those whose home university has a formal agreement with the University of Turku. The exchange students may receive university credits which may be included in their degree studies at their home university. Exchange students apply for specific exchange programmes and may also take part in supplementary programmes (i.e. programmes that do not offer a full curriculum such as North American Studies) offered at any of the universities in Turku.
How to apply for an exchange student.

Salomaa artikkeli.pdfRead here an article by Academician Arto Salomaa regarding his experiences as an exchange student in 1950's in California.

Visiting Students

Visiting students are those who independently study at the university without having a formal exchange agreement. Visiting students may be at the university for a variety of reasons.  Similarly to the exchange student, the visiting student is not studying for a Master's degree.  The status of a visiting student is limited and includes only the right to study on the particular courses or programmes to which he or she has been accepted. As there is no exchange agreement between the  visitor's home university and University of Turku, the visiting students must pay for their own studies and they are not entitled to the services and benefits provided for the exchange students.
How to apply for a visiting student.

Postgraduate Student

Postgraduate student has already achieved the Master's degree and is continuing to study in a Doctoral degree programme. The student must check with the Faculty's Administration for all information about the postgraduate studies. In most fields of research the Doctoral level studies can be pursued in English.


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