Course Exams

​​There are certain rules concerning examinations, set out by the University Law and the regulations of each university. Violation of these rules is considered a serious offence and will be punished with failure to complete the course in question, a warning by the Rector, and in serious cases, suspension from the University.

The instructions and regulations concerning the course examinations are:

  • register for the exam according to the instructions (there are seven days between the last registration day and the examination day, by using NettiOpsu )
  • be in the examination on time, there is no admittance 15 minutes after the examination has begun
  • no books, notes or other material are allowed at the examination, unless specifically mentioned by the lecturer
  • the use of calculator which is not capable of symbolic calculation or graphical operations is allowed
  • it is allowed to use the Department's equation form at the examination
  • talking to other students is strictly forbidden during the examination
  • copying answers from other students is strictly forbidden during the examination
  • you may not leave the examination room until half an hour has passed from the beginning of the examination
  • if you need to leave the examination room temporarily during the examination, you must have the permission of the supervisor

The results of completed study units of students of the University of Turku are registered in 'OPSU', the University's computerized student register.

Wentti is a virtual exam result service. In order to login to Wentti or NettiOpsu you need  to have a valid User ID and password issued by the Computing Centre of the University of Turku. 



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