Postgraduate Studies

The postgraduate degrees in  Mathematics and Statistics are the Licentiate in Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. The Licentiate is a subdoctoral degree, and is intended to be primarily vocational in orientation. Most postgraduate students are expected to proceed directly from the Master's degree to the Doctorate.

At University of Turku the Doctoral training is organised within Doctoral Programmes that belong to the University of Turku Graduate School UTUGS. Most postgraduate students at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics have their study right in Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences MATTI. MATTI has calls for applications thrice a year. The much competed salaried positions can only be applied once a year, the other calls are only for study right.

Like all the Finnish universities, the University of Turku charges no tuition fees. Neither, on the other hand, can it offer financial assistance or job opportunities to students (except in individual cases and even then only towards the end of their research). All students, Finnish and international, are expected to finance their living costs by themselves.

Some information on scholarships offered for foreign students studying in Finland, and on studying in Finland more generally, is provided by the national Centre for International Mobility, CIMO. The Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) , which is a research centre in Computer Science for the three universities in Turku, Finland, also awards some scholarships for talented Ph.D. students in the fields of Computer Science and Information Systems.

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