Personnel of TCQP

​The Centre consists of five research groups, and the full list of members can be found on individual group pages, often with links to personal or departmental personnel web pages. Sometimes a person can be a member in more than one research group (especially doctoral students). For administration, the Centre relies on the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Affiliated researchers working outside the Department are listed at the individual group pages.

Senior members and postdocs

  • Janne Ahokas, PhD, postdoctoral researcher
  • Teiko Heinosaari, PhD, postdoctoral researcher
  • Pekka Lahti, docent, university lecturer
  • Sabrina Maniscalco, docent, Reader in Physics (Heriot-Watt)
  • Juha-Pekka Pellonpää, docent, university lecturer
  • Jyrki Piilo, docent, senior researcher
  • Kalle-Antti Suominen, professor
  • Sergey Vasiliev, docent, senior researcher

Doctoral students

  • Erkka Haapasalo
  • Pinja Haikka
  • Vladimir Ivanov
  • Elsi Laine
  • Jaakko Lehto
  • Kimmo Luoma
  • Janika Paavola
  • Jussi Schultz
  • Lauri Toikka
  • Otto Vainio