Instrument Database (TuMRIC)
The instruments of the TuMRIC facility are listed below with the information about the location laboratory and the contact person of every instrument.  (LIP = Laboratory of Industrial Physics, MRL = Material Research Laboratory, WPL = Wihuri Physical Laboratory)

Sample Preparation: 
Instrument​ ​Manufacturer
& Model
​Specifications ​Laboratory Contact Person​
​Pulsed Laser
Deposition (PLD)
​Home made ​<1200oC ​WPL Hannu Huhtinen
​Atomic Layer
Deposition (ALD)
​Home made ​MRL Pekka Laukkanen

Structural Characterization:
​Instrument ​Manufacturer
& Model
​Specifications ​Laboratory ​Contact Person
​Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) ​Scienta Omicron ​UHV (10-400 K) ​MRL Pekka Laukkanen
​Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
​Bruker Innova ​Ambient air ​WPL/MRL Hannu Huhtinen
​Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) ​Bruker Innova
​Ambient air
​WPL/MRL Hannu Huhtinen
​Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
​MRL Sari Granroth
​X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
​MRL Sari Granroth
​Auger electron Spectroscopy (AES) ​MRL Sari Granroth
​Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED)
​MRL Pekka Laukkanen
​Scanning Tunnneling Microscope (STM)
​Scienta Omicron ​UHV (10-400 K) ​MRL Pekka Laukkanen
​Nitrogen Adsorption Measurements ​Micrometrics, Tristar ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Zeta-Potential Measurement and Dynamic Light Scattering ​Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
​Philips X'pert Pro MPD ​Powders, bulks
and thin films
​LIP/WPL Jarno Salonen
Petriina Paturi
​Density analyzer ​Micrometrics, AccuPyc 1330 ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Hardness Tester ​Zwick-Roell ZHU ​MRL Sari Granroth

Magnetic Characterization:
​Instrument ​Manufacturer
& Model
​Specifications ​Laboratory ​Contact Person
​SQUID-Magnetometer ​Quantum Design, MPMS 5 T, 2.0-800 K​ ​WPL Hannu Huhtinen
​Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) ​Quantum Design, PPMS ​9 T, 1.9-400 K, ACMS
and ACT -options
​WPL Hannu Huhtinen
​Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR, X-band) ​9 GHZ, 5-330 K ​WPL Petriina Paturi

Gas Phase Characterization:
​Instrument ​Manufacturer
& Model
Specifications​ Laboratory
Contact Person
​Ion TOF Spectrometer ​MRL Edwin Kukk
​Gas Phase VUV Electron Spectometer
​Omicron ​MRL Edwin Kukk
​Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence Spectroscopy (PEPICO) ​MRL Edwin Kukk

Thermal and Optical Analysis:
​Instrument ​Manufacturer
& Model
​Specifications ​Laboratory ​Contact Person
​Optical Polarization Microscope
​Olympus BH-2 ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​FT-IR Spectrometer ​Perkin-Elmer, Spectrum BX II ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Isothermal Microcalorimeter (IMC) ​Thermometric, 227 Thermal Activity Monitor ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) ​Perkin-Elmer, Pyris ​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
​Perkin-Elmer, DSC-7
​LIP Jarno Salonen
​Thermogravimeter ​Perkin-Elmer, TGA-7 ​LIP Jarno Salonen