Studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences


According to the degree structure decided in the Europe-wide Bologna process, the basic degrees at the University of Turku are divided into the Bachelor and Master levels.

Bachelor level

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (valtiotieteiden kandidaatti, VTK)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (psykologian kandidaatti, PsK)
  • Bachelor of Arts (humanististen tieteiden kandidaatti, HuK), in Speech and language pathology

All bachelor level degree studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences are conducted in Finnish.

The students are normally expected to complete their Bachelor’s degree in 3 years. According to the degree requirements the Bachelor’s degree consists of 180 ECTS credits

Master level

Master level degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences are:

  • Master of Social Sciences (valtiotieteiden maisteri, VTM)
  • Master of Psychology (psykologian maisteri, PsM or filosofian maisteri, FM)
  • Master of Arts (filosofian maisteri, FM), in Speech and Language Pathology

Most master level studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences are conducted in Finnish. The Faculty offers one master's degree programme in English: the Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies. This programme is especially designed for international students.

The Master's degree usually takes 2 years to complete. According to the degree requirements the degree consists of 120 ECTS credits.

Postgraduate degrees

The following postgraduate degrees are available for study at the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Licentiate of Social Sciences (valtiotieteiden lisensiaatti, VTL) and Doctor of Social Sciences (valtiotieteiden tohtori, VTT)
  • Licentiate of Philosophy (Psychology) (psykologian lisensiaatti, PsL) and Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophy or Psychology) (filosofian tohtori, FT or psykologian tohtori, PsT)

Most of the research and postgraduate studies carried out in the Faculty of Social Sciences takes place in small-scale projects. In recent years, however, the Faculty has also been involved in several national graduate school projects. In addition to the national graduate schools supported by the Ministry of Education, the Faculty nowadays coordinates two graduate schools of its own.


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Facilities and Fees

Students admitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences can complete their studies free of charge. The Faculty provides the students with library services of a very high quality and top-level computer facilities. However, students most also find their own means of funding their stay in Turku.