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New academic year 2018/19: Important dates

29-31.8.18: Orientation for all international students

3.9.18 (Mon): CEAS orientation for first-year students (10 am, room 209 Publicum)

4.9.18 (Tue): Language placement tests (10am, room 209 Publicum)

4.9.18 (Tue): UTU opening ceremony

5.9. (Wed) CEAS BBQ at 2 pm

Week 37: courses start at CEAS (teaching schedule to be announced soon!)

"China and the Eastern Europe", 11-12 October 2018

 The conference "China and the Eastern Europe" will be held at CEAS on 11 – 12 October 2018. For more details about this event, please click here.

Visiting lecture: Japan and security issues in the Indo-Pacific, 25 October 2018

 Visiting lecture by Bart Gaens on "Japan and security issues in the Indo-Pacific", 12-2pm (room TBC).

Visiting lecture: Who Promoted Hallyu to the World, the Public Sector or the Private Sector? 31 October 2018

Visiting lecture by Dr. Jimmyn Parc, 12-2pm, Pub299.

As the concept of soft power has become more prominent around the world, several countries have sought to utilize their cultural products as part of such an effort. Hence, the role and relevance of the government in such an effort has been much emphasized. In this regard, Korea is no exception. As Hallyu or the Korean Wave has emerged, many scholars and media outlets have pointed out the role of the government as the crucial factor. However, most of these studies have provided little persuasive evidence in support of their argument. This lecture addresses this issue in more depth by presenting and analyzing important policy measures and their impact. Alongside this, meaningful implications from the findings will be revealed during the lecture.

Dr. Jimmyn Parc is Visiting Lecturer at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), Sciences Po Paris, and Research Associate, EU Center, Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University

Workshop: Korea at the Crossroads, 1 November 2018

Workshop with Dr. Jimmyn Parc, Prof. Dr. Patrick Messerlin and Dr. Stephen Ranger on 1 November 2018, 12-3pm, Pub209
The South Korean economy faces a number of challenges and opportunities. The aim of this workshop is to address and discuss issues related to South Korea's regional economic integration, the impact of a US-China trade conflict and the transformation of the chaebol-driven economy. For further information about the speakers and the content, click here.

Visiting lecture: Notions of executive responsibility in Japanese political rhetoric and news media, 15 November 2018

Visiting lecture by Jens Sejrup, University of Copenhagen, on "Notions of executive responsibility in Japanese political rhetoric and news media", 15 November 2018, 12-2pm, room (TBC).

Robot and AI ethics: Dialogue between Europe and East Asia, 22 November 2018

East Asian countries are among the most advanced in the utilization of robots and the development of AI. Robots are already deeply embedded in the Japanese society, South Korea's industry is the most robotized in the world, and China aims to become an AI super power by 2030. This event discusses questions of robot and AI ethics and the future of human-robot relationships. For further details and registration click here.

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