Staff & Contact

Lauri Paltemaa

  • Professor, Director of CEAS
  • Docent of Contemporary Chinese History
  • Chair, Nordic Association of Chinese Studies (NACS)
  • Professoral speech March 18, 2015:
  • Email:
  • Tel: +358 (0)29 450 3059, +358 (0) 50 326 5014
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 425

Teaching and Research Areas:

  • Chinese politics and society
  • Chinese contemporary history
  • Disaster management in China
  • State-society relations
  • Social movements and protest
 Key publications and activities (link)

Outi Luova


Teaching and Research Areas:

  • Urban governance in China, especially environmental issues
  • Regional cooperation in East Asia
  • Domestic migration in China
  • Management of international labour migration in China and East Asia
  • Ethnic issues in China
  • Regional features and differences in China

Key publications and activities (link)


Sabine Burghart

  • University Lecturer
  • Academic Director of the Master's Programme in East Asian Studies
  • Email:
  • Tel: +358 (0) 29 450 3057
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 422
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          must be submitted at least two weeks in

 Teaching and Research Areas:

  • North Korean politics, economy and society
  • South Korean politics and society
  • South Korean development cooperation
  • Inter-Korean relations
  • Contemporary Korean history
Key publications and activities (link)

Silja Keva


Teaching and Research Areas: 

  • Japanese society and politics
  • Regional cooperation in Asia
  • Asia-Europe relations (ASEM process)
  • Parliamentary diplomacy
  • National Diet of Japan
  • E-learning  

 Key publications and activities (link) 




Annamari Konttinen

  • University Teacher
  • Email:
  • Tel: +358 (0) 29 450 3056, +358 (0) 50 309 5198
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 427
Teaching and Research Areas: 
  • Contemporary Japanese Society
  • Environment and Society
  • Social Movements and Civil Society
  • Qualitative Research Methods and Ethnography
  • Gender
 Key publications and activities (link)

Jeong-Im HyuHYUN-photo-202px.jpg

  • Senior Researcher
  • Docent of East Asian Studies, especially present-day Korea (University of Turku)
  • PhD in Sociology

Teaching and Research Areas

  • Contemporary politics in Korea: social movements
  • Creation of public opinion and belief process
  • Conspiracy theory in Korean politics
  • Socio-cultural dimension of Korean popular culture in Europe
 Key publications and activities (CV)




Chang LihongChang-Lihong-230x152.jpg



  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Research Chinese


 Chikako Senge

  • Japanese language teacher
  • Email:
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 433


  • Intermediate Japanese
  • Upper Intermediate Japanese
  • Advanced Japanese
  • Advanced Research Japanese


Taru Salminen

  • Korean language teacher
  • Email:
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 433


  • Elementary Korean 
  • Lower-intermediate Korean
  • Intermediate Korean


Sungju Park-Kang

  • Docent of East Asian Studies (University of Turku)
  • Email:
  • Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 426

Recearch interests

  • International Relations, Korea, Security, Gender, Narrative, Methodology, Transitional justice

Juha Saunavaara 

  • Docent of Contemporary East Asia, especially Japanese contemporary history (University of  Turku)
  • Assistant Professor at Arctic Research Center, Global Institute for Collaborative Research and Education, Hokkaido University
  • Email: juha.saunavaara(at)

Research Interest

  • Japan, Nordic countries, Regional development, Hokkaido, Arctic


Jeong-Im Hyun  (see above)

  •  Docent of East Asian Studies, especially present-day Korea (University of Turku)



Antti Leppänen

  • Ph.D. (Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki)
  • Email:
  • Tel: +358-41-528 6256 (mobile)
Teaching and Research Areas:
  • Self-employment, entrepreneurship, and culture of economy in South Korea
  • Contemporary urban life and social stratification in South Korea
  • Anthropology and ethnography of South Korea, ethnographic research methods
  • Contemporary history of North and South Korea


Jukka Aukia

Dissertation topic: China's soft power policy

E-mail: jukka.aukia(a)
Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room


Pia Eskelinen

Dissertation topic: Rural women's experiences of urbanization in peri-urban communities.​

Research interests:

  • Rural population
  • Rural women
  • Hukou system
  • Urbanisation
E-mail: pia.j.eskelinen(a)


Suik Jung

Disssertation topic: Integration of North Koreans in South Korea: The Role of Social Capital of Defectors in Employment, Housing, Education, and Health

Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 424


Katri Kauhanen

Dissertation topic: The women's movement re-examined: The Korean National Council of Women in authoritarian South Korea, 1959–1989

Research interests:

  • Contemporary Korean history and society
  • History politics in East Asia
  • Gender history
  • Transnational histories of the Cold War
Email: katri.kauhanen(a)
Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room

Liisa Kauppila

Dissertation topic: China Shakes and Remakes the Global System? Multi-Level Regionalisation in the High North 

Research interests:

  • Political economy of China 
  • Northeast Asian and Arctic regionalisation 
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches and theories of regionalisation
  • Futures studies
  • Intersections of art and science
E-mail: liisa.kauppila(a)​
Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 421

Kristian Kurki

Dissertation topic: A Narratological Study on Metaphorical Constructions of the North Korean Threat in Japan


​E-mail: kristian.kurki(a)


Shingo Masunaga

Dissertation topic: The Pre-War Japanese Military Intelligence Activities against the Soviet Union in Northern Europe 1919-1939

Research interests:

  • Military History
  • Espionage
  • International Relations
E-mail: shingo.masunaga(a)​​
Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room

Eevamaria Mielonen

Dissertation topic: The Concept of Fazhi/Rule of Law in Civil Servant Training in the People's Republic of China

E-mail: eevmie(a)​​


Alexandra Jingsi Ni

Disssertation topic: A systematic deconstruction of the China Threat: the emerging international orders in a multi-polarizing world

Research interests:

  • China-related International relations and political economy
  • Chinese politics and institutional transformations in China (from pre-modern time to the present moment)
  • Corporate and national competitiveness
  • Social critiques and critical theories

Pilvi Posio

Dissertation topic: Community rebuilding, place and social capital in post-tsunami Tohoku

E-mail: pilvi.posio(a)
Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 421

Mary Hyunhee Song

Disssertation topic: Food Nationalism and Local Development in East Asia: Regional Politics, National Culture, and UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy

Office: Publicum, 4th floor, room 424



Anna Väre                                                 

  • Educational coordinator
  • Email:
  • Tel: +358 (0) 29 450 3117
  • Office: Educarium, 4th floor, room 451
  • Office hour Tue 12-14

  • Administration of the Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies and Minor in East Asian Studies  


    Hanna-Mari Salonen

    • Study Secretary
    • Tel. +358 (0) 29 450 3129, +358 (0) 50 341 3854
    • Publicum, 1st floor
    • Office hours Mon–Fri 12–14


    • Registration of course credits and study units

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