About the Doctoral Programme

To complete a doctoral degree in social sciences, doctoral candidates are required to complete 240 credits (ECTS) of work, consisting of a dissertation (180 credits) and academic courses and other work worth 60 credits. See the list of credit categories  in  doctoral studies (xlsx).
The 60-credit courses and other work can be taken in the following form:
  1. Obligatory studies
    • Postgraduate studies exam or equivalent course (15 credits)
      The content and method of completion is agreed with the thesis supervisor or professor.
    • Active participation in the discipline’s or faculty’s research seminars
    • Courses in the philosophy of science and research ethics provided by the University of Turku Graduate School or equivalent studies
  2. Other studies
    • A presentation at a national or international academic conference on East Asia (2 credits)
    • An approved lecture (1–2 credits)
    • Classes:
      • a comprehensive exam (5 credits)
      • a bibliographical essay/literature review (5 credits)
      • advanced academic English writing and/or East Asian language studies (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) (20 credits maximum)
      • pedagogical studies (5 credits)
    • Publications: an article of 6,500 words published in an refereed academic journal (10 credits)
    • a book review (2 credits)
    • an article featuring the prospective student's research expertise published in a non-academic journal, magazine, or a major newspaper (2 credits)
    • academic studies organised by doctoral programmes

Doctoral seminars at CEAS

Doctoral candidates are required to present their research plan and findings to the Centre's doctoral seminar. CEAS research seminars are multidisciplinary, and doctoral candidates from all disciplines of human sciences at the University of Turku are welcome to attend and present their research.

These PhD seminars are aimed at doctoral students from all UTU faculties in human sciences. The objective is to get together a critical mass of people who are writing their thesis about East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), and to foster a multidisciplinary research community in East Asian Studies at UTU.

PhD students will earn 3 ECTS for ten attendances and the presentation of a seminar paper. Papers to be presented and discussed in the seminar will be made available in advance in the CEAS-research mailing list.

For more information and for giving a presentation in the seminar, please contact Professor Lauri Paltemaa (


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Professor, Director of CEAS
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