CEAS Language Courses

The Centre for East Asian Studies offers language courses in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Chinese and Japanese are taught from the intermediate level up, and Korean from elementary to intermediate levels. 

Students who have taken the beginner's courses or who have learned the basics of Chinese or Japanese elsewhere should take a language placement test before starting a new course at CEAS. The language placement test is organised on Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 10:00 in room 209, Publicum. Register by email to

CEAS courses in Japanese, 2018-2019

MPAS2056/2066 Intermediate Japanese I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2152/2153 Upper-Intermediate Japanese I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2080/2081 Advanced Japanese I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2157/2158 Advanced Research Japanese I & II (5 cr/semester)

CEAS courses in Chinese, 2018-2019

MPAS2083/2084 Intermediate Chinese I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2097/2098 Advanced Intermediate Chinese I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2134/2149 Advanced Research Chinese I & II (5 cr/tsemester)

CEAS courses in Korean, 2018-2019

MPAS2102/2103 Elementary Korean I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2150/2151 Lower-Intermediate Korean I & II (5 cr/semester)

MPAS2168/2169 Intermediate Korean I & II (5 cr/semester)

EAST0032 Research Skills in Korean I & II (3 cr/semester)

EAST0023 Korean Conversation Course (3 cr)

The Centre for Languages and Communication is in charge of the beginners' and lower intermediate (continuation) courses:

All Korean courses in the University of Turku are taught by CEAS.

Who can take the courses?

Unlike normal lecture teaching, which in principle is open for the public to attend, small group teaching such as seminars and language courses is available only for those with a right to study and be granted credits.

The courses are primarily intended for the master's and minor degree students of CEAS, but they are open to all registered students of the University of Turku. 

Students from other universities who wish to take the language courses at CEAS may apply for the Flexible Study Right ("JOO" in its Finnish abbreviation). Those without access to JOO, for example for being outside the system of higher education, shall apply for the right to take non-degree studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences in order to attend the language courses.


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