After Graduating

​Career Paths and Example Positions

Graduates of the Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies have gone on to hold the following positions:

  • Administration
  • Business Consultant
  • Civil Servant in the Government
  • Customer Service
  • Managerial Positions
  • PhD Candidate
  • Researcher

Although these careers and positions vary greatly, they have overwhelmingly required at least some knowledge on East Asia.

CEAS Employment Survey 2016

 In 2016, CEAS surveyed its Master's Degree Programme graduates and created the following employment survey. In the survey you will find more information about the career paths of our graduates, Asian Studies in regards to working life, and feedback on the programme.


Testimonies from Master's Degree Graduates

"Studying at CEAS gave me an excellent background to continue my explorations in the world of Chinese society, economy, politics and language. The teachers truly know 'their East Asia', which makes lectures at CEAS insightful and very inspiring. In the era of globalisation, understanding East Asia is not a choice one can make, but rather a necessary skill that can get you to extremely interesting situations!"
Liisa Kauppila, Graduated 2013
Current PhD Candidate at CEAS

"I am currently conducting research on children born of Japanese fathers and Chinese mothers in China during and after the Second Sino-Japanese War. Knowledge and languages skills that I could acquire at CEAS helped me to pursue this path and feel confident in carrying out archival research as well as oral history interviews in China and Japan."
Kanako Kuramitsu, Graduated 2013
Current PhD Candidate at Department of History, University of Birmingham, UK
"CEAS helped me learn about different cultures and how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which has helped me provide better service to my foreign clients. The Master's degree programme gave me the opportunity to learn how to study by self-supervision and how to grab points quickly and accurately when reading. These skills helped me pass my bar exam within a short period."
Miaozhu Li, Graduated 2012
Currently working as a Lawyer


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