Exchange Studies

Before the Exchange Starts

The University of Turku has bilateral agreements with several East Asian universities. Exchange studies are administered and selections made at the International Office.
The study plan for exchange studies, called Learning Agreement, must be approved at CEAS as a part of the application process. It is strongly advised that exchange plans are discussed with the academic supervisor, especially if the student intends to carry out master's thesis research during the exchange period.

See the complete list of bilateral exchange partner universities in each country from the application service pages of the International Office:

  China (People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
South Korea  

See also the list of bilateral agreements outside Europe in International Office's intranet pages.

The coursework of exchange studies is meant to be selected so that exchange study credits can be transferred to count towards the MPAS degree to the extent possible. This will be checked when the Learning Agreement is approved.

Further information about exchange studies and the application process is available at Applying for Exchange pages (intranet) of the International Office. 

After the Exchange Studies

After the exchange period, the student applies for the credit transfer to include the exchange  studies in the degree studied for at the University of Turku. The original transcript of study records needs to be confirmed in person by someone from CEAS before the credit transfer can be approved. A copy of the transcript should be attached to the credit transfer application. 


 Partner Universities




 Academic Supervisor

Sabine Burghart
University Lecturer, Academic Director of the Master's Programme in East Asian Studies
sabine.burghart (a)