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Join us for a Master's Degree in East Asian Studies

The Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku offers a two-year Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies (abbreviated EAST), taught fully in English. Our programme welcomes applications from qualified students from all over the world who want to deepen and expand their knowledge of contemporary East Asia ‒ China, Japan and Korea. We provide systematic training in East Asian Studies based on social science methods by academic staff with wide and versatile knowledge on East Asia.
Our Master’s Programme in East Asian Studies provides you with up-to-date knowledge and education on contemporary societies of East Asia. We are a close-knit and international community of academic staff, researchers, and students. You are welcome to join our pursuit of knowledge and learning!

Once accepted into the Master's Programme in East Asian Studies, you will be enrolled at the University of Turku where you complete a two-year 120-credit study programme. During your studies at the Centre for East Asian Studies, you will write a master's thesis and graduate as a Master of Social Sciences (East Asian Studies) from the University of Turku, Faculty of Social Sciences. (To see a list of the Master's theses completed at the Centre, click here).

Our Programme provides multidisciplinary expertise on East Asian contemporary history, politics, and societies as well training in social science research methods. You acquire knowledge on national, regional, and international issues in East Asia, and you also study East Asian languages as part of the degree. You learn to apply the methods and deepen your knowledge in your master’s thesis research project.  The programme prepares students to enter international public, private, and third sector professions. You will also become trained to pursue an East Asia-related academic career and continue as a doctoral student by applying, for example, to the Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS).

The University of Turku has expanded its bilateral relations with East Asian universities (see the lists of exchange partners in China, Japan, and Korea), and as student in our programme you will have good opportunities to apply for exchange student positions as well as in receiving study and research scholarships from East Asian sources. From Autumn 2017 on, our Master’s Programme students also have a chance to study for one year in the Master of China Studies programme at the Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China) as part of their Master’s Programme in Turku, with financial subsidy from the Zhejiang University (more details coming soon).

You are encouraged to join Taotao, our student club. Details on activities and membership can be found here.

The E

ASTdegree consists of study units which cover the methodology of social sciences and East Asian studies, contemporary history, politics, and societies of East Asia as well as many other topics of special interest. To attain a Master's Degree, studies need to add up to a minimum of 120 credits (1 Finnish credit = 1 ECTS).

The studies in the MPAS program are divided thematically into seven modules:

  1. Study and Research Skills
  2. Histories of East Asian Countries
  3. Contemporary Politics, Societies, and Economies of East Asia
  4. East Asia in Regional and Global Context
  5. Master's T
  6. s
  7. Wo
  8. rklife Competences
  9. Language Studies
Courses in these modules are structured into Methodology and Master's Thesis, Obligatory and Optional Subject Studies, and Language Studies as follows:

Master's Degree in Social Sciences (East Asian Studies) (120 credits)

Methodology and Master's Thesis (64 cr)
• Methodology courses (12 cr); Academic writing in English (4cr) Research Seminar taken during four terms (8 cr)
• Master's thesis (40 cr)

Obligatory Subject Studies in Modern and Contemporary East Asia (20 cr)
• Four courses each 5 cr from modules 3 and 4

Optional Subject Studies in Modern and Contemporary East Asia (min. 16 cr)
• Freely selected from courses in modules 2, 3, 4, and 6
• Can also include courses in the Minor Programme which are marked in the Study Leaflet

Language Studies (10‒20 cr)
• At least 10 cr of an East Asian language (up to 20 cr counts towards the degree)

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Please note that after the amendment of the Finnish University Act, Finnish universities are required to charge tuition fees from students with citizenship outside of the EU, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. The annual tuition fee for students from these countries in the Master's Programme in East Asian Studies is 8000€ in accordance with the decision by the University of Turku. Please see more in University of Turku's information page on tuition fees.

EU citizens and students with certain kinds of residence permits in EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland do not pay tuition fees.


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