Master's theses


Hakulinen, Noora: Human Trafficking in China – An analysis of national policies and their impacts on punishment levels in human trafficking court cases between 2012-2016

Hautala, Iina: Commemorative Landscape of Dokdo in South Korea – Reflections on Dokdo's importance in the South Korean national narrative

Kurki, Suvi: Finding a New Narrative of Chinese Business Leadership

Morozova, Aleksandra: Illicit Drugs in Modern China: Production, Trafficking and Consumption

Šilhánová, Barbora: From the Village to Heaven – The development of the social role of Taiwanese Bunun prayer pasibutbut in the course of the modernization of the tribe



Ilo, Reetta: Hidden Pride, Crouching Nationalism? The Worldview of Japanese Private University Students

Kuzina, Viktoriya: Protecting the Right to Know in Japan: Social Advocacy versus the Special Secrecy Law 

Pence Jr, Gary Leon: A History to Open the Future: Obstacles and Possibilities of Joint History Books in Northeast Asia

Pitkänen, Ari-Joonas: A Dichotomy Dismantled – Reflections on National Identity among Supporters of Third Force Political Parties in Taiwan

Schüssler, Fabien: Assessing Travel Motivations, Satisfactions and Branding Success in Heritage Tourism: Fang Gu Jie in Chengdu, Sichuan

Yoochadchawan, Tais: Chinese Public Intellectuals' Call for Constitutionalism - Yu Jianrong's and Xu Zhiyong's Advocacy and Engagement


Alexeeva, Anna: Towards Interdependence? – Russian-Chinese Economic Relations 1990–2014 with the Focus on Energy Trade​

Coratella, Eva: From the Great Famine (1958-1962) to the Food Waste Problem: the Role of Memory to Enhance the Awareness in the City of Shanghai

Jokinen, Risto: The Cheonan Incident: The Contested Fate of the South Korean Ship

Jämsä, Heli: Remembering the War and Aggression: A Discourse Analysis of Japan's State Apologies and Commemoration Speeches on August 15th 1995–2015​

Lapshina, Tatiana: The Contemporary Image of Hikikomori and Otaku Phenomena in Mass Media​

Miao, Shiyu: A Power for Peace and Development - The White Papers of the Chinese Government from a Public Diplomacy Point of View

Männistö, Maria: Government-foreign industry relations in China: How Finnish companies perceive China's officials

Piantadosi, Tina: Japan's Shining Women: Young Women Negotiating the Transition to Adulthood in Japan

Pinchuk, Anastasiia: Loneliness and Ageing Society in Japan: Case Study of Burari Elderly Care Center

Shushina, Lidia: The image of the Russian Federation in the Japanese Newspapers : Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun publications concerning the Russian militray operation in Syria

Song, Mary Hyunhee: Cosmetic Surgery and Rites of Passage in Korean Society – A Study on Comsetic Surgeries after the University Entrance Exam

Yin, Yilin: Ethnic Koreans in China – Korean School Closings and Losing Korean Ethnicity


Fagnoni, Federica: Molded Identity: Manchu Sinicization and Self-Perception of the Bannermen's Descendants

Hankamäki, Mikko: Supply Chains' Environmental requirements in China in 2025: Scenario Analysis

Kamppuri, Virpi: Grassroots Charity in China: Case Analysis of a Charity Project Organised by Jane Zhang Fan Club​

Kiema, Eveliina: Trivial Pursuit? Asian Antics in the Arctic – Securitization in Northeast Asian Power Struggle in the Context of Arctic Cooperation

Pankakoski, Paula: Place and Belonging - An Ethnography of Rural Migrant Children in Beijing

Scibilia, Adèle: The Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Dispute: An Integrated Factor Of Instability In The Asia-Pacific Region

Wang, Yue: China's War Memory: From Victor to Victim - The Portrayal of Japanese Figures in Chinese "Anti-Japanese War" Film 

Xiang, Jingbei: The Role of Chinese TV Media in Popularising Chinese Traditional Culture - In the Case of Lecture Room



Cheung, Shun: Sinicization and Chinese Language and Culture Education (CLCE): A Case Study of Confucius Institute in Wellington, New Zealand

Haverinen, Anna-Kaisa: From Invisibility to Twitter - Four Decades in the Life of Japanese Lesbians

Ma, Jing: A Study on the Implementation Effects and Upgrading Paths of Export-oriented Economy Strategy of China's Coastal Areas

Maezono, Junko: The Influence and Transformation of a Long Term Residence Abroad on Self-Identity and Gender: A Case Study of Japanese Wives Married to Finnish Men Living in Turku, Finland

Peltonen, Jenny: South Korean presidents and the alliance with the United State 1998-2012 - A case study of the Free Trade Agreement

Volkova, Anastasia:  New Directions of the Japanese Management System: Case study of two Japanese corporations



Ganina, Irina: "Cool Japan" Strategy: What Kind of Coolness?

Heikkilä, Jukka-Pekka: Change of Power Dynamics in North Korea: Three Scenarios

Jaatinen, Nina: No Money and no Pressure? Policies, their Implementation and Implications: The Case of Unemployed Return Migrant Workers in Southern Jiangxi Province

Kauppila, Liisa: "Use the Past to Serve the Present!" - PRC History Politics and the Hong Kong handover 1997

Kelhu, Johanna: Democracy and Human Rights Beyond Borders: The Meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 for Chinese Transnational Democracy and Human Rights Activists

Kettunen, Annemari: Language of the Future, Language of the PRC - Representations of Putonghua in South China Morning Post

Kuramitsu, Kanako: The Problem of ''Skills'' in Japan's Disguised Guest Workers Program and Its Implications

Kynsilehto, Anni: Suematsu Kenchō and Japan's Struggle for Civilized Status

Laaksonen, Iris: Japan's renewable energy policy in the third industrial context

Lappalainen, Erja-Liisa: The role of microblogs behind the Great Firewall of China - Chinese urban youth and the microblog bandwagon

Liu, Le: Promoting Employment Opportunities of the Elderly Employees in Japan's Aging Society

Montonen, Mikko: On Transformation of Bugei Culture from Sengoku to Modern era

Spezza, Gianluca: North Korea Approaches Modernity: Science, Education and Ideology in the DPRK. An Exploratory Study of International Cooperation for Knowledge Sharing with North Korea, 1997-2012

Vainio, Anna: 20 Years of Making Babies that Were Never Born - Japanese Family Friendly Policies for the Diminishing Social Ideal

Zhang, Baoqi: Analyzing China's High-Speed Rail Strategy from a Geo-Strategic Perspective



Ahonen, Pilvi: Animal Lovers, Bridge-Builders and Supervising Watchdogs : Framing and Civil Society Construction by Japanese Pro-Animal Orgnizations in the Kansai and Tokyo Areas

Hakkio, Christine: In Search of the Way: Kokugaku and Its Influence on Meiji Policies

Hartonen, Olavi: Taiwanese English Language Newspapers' Partisan Communication on National Identity Issue - Text Mining Editorials From the First Decade of the 2000s

Kolehmainen, Samu: A bridge builder or raconteur? : how Japan manoeuvres the global development discourse within the TICAD process

Li, Miaozhu: Hiding behind the Mass Media: How did the Chinese Government React to the Emergence of the Middle Class through the Mass Media

Redifining Cultural Subjectivities: Japanese Woman Artists and Strategies for Power in Contemporary Japanese Society  



Glogan, Timothy: China’s ‘Assertive’ South China Sea Policy And Rhetoric: Proactive, Reactive Or Myth?

Hakanen, Kari: “Xiamen Commits Suicide” – the framing of the Xiamen PX incident

Mäenpää, Marjaana: Pushing the Boundaries and Siding with the Government: Construction of Chinese Nationalism in the Internet

Wang, Rui: Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Qianag Ethnic Group Rural Communities of Maoxian County, Sichuan Province, China



Kärkkäinen, Annina: Propping Up Pariahs or Building a Brighter Future for All? The Effects and Framings of China's Foreign Aid in Namibia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe 2000-2008

Lindholm, Niko: Does Nikkyoso have a political opportunity now that the DPJ  is governing?

Mutanen, Anne: LGBT Activism in Urban China: Online, Underground or Under Construction?





Haverinen, Hanna:Discursive Effects of Anti-prostitution Law in Korea​

Koskenranta, Hanna: Migrant Workers at Perlos Factory in the Context of Rural-Urban Migration in the Pearl River Delta