Degree Requirements
​In addition to the main subject studies which comprise of at minimum 75 credits for the Bachelor’s Degree and a further 90 credits for the Master’s Degree, Contemporary History students are required to include a certain amount of other courses into their degrees. The Bachelor’s Degree consists of 180 credits, and the Master’s Degree of 120 credits, so main subject studies are only a part of the degrees.

Contemporary History students need to include at least 6 credits of general studies in their degree. These studies are organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences, and they discuss themes such as the philosophy and ethics of science.

Language studies have become an increasingly important part of every academic degree. Contemporary History students are expected to include at least 15 credits of language studies in their degree, but most students complete more than the minimum requirement of language courses. Obligatory courses are Finnish Writing Skills, Finnish Communication Skills, Swedish and at least 6 credits worth of other languages. Popular language choices are among others English, French, German and Spanish. Students intending to write their thesis in English also have to take an obligatory Advanced Academic Writing course in English. Language courses are organized by the Language Centre of the University of Turku.

Students also have to include minor subject studies to their degree. The minimum requirement is to have complete Basic Studies (25 credits) from two minor subjects. There are no obligatory minor subjects and also no upper credit limits. In addition to these required minor studies, there are 34 credits in the Bachelor’s Degree and 30 credits in the Master’s Degree that students get to use freely. These credits can be obtained from additional studies in the major subject; by continuing a minor or minors into Intermediate Studies or taking on more minor subjects; by studying languages; or by a combination of these possibilities. In effect most students complete considerably more than the required 50 credits worth of minor studies.

The most popular minor subjects among Contemporary History students include other disciplines in the Faculty of Social Sciences such as Political Science and Economics, and disciplines in the Department of History in the Faculty of Humanities. Other popular minor choices are Media Studies, East Asian Studies, Law, Development Studies, Gender Studies and various languages.