Doctoral dissertations in Economic Sociology since 2000​

Titiana-Petra Ertiö (2018)
Plan on the Move: Mobile Participation in Urban Planning. State-of-the-Art and Future Potential​​

Katri Rintamäki (2016)
Everyday Work: The work experience in the Finnish everyday life in the 2000's ​

Teo Keipi (2015)
Now you see me, now you don't: A study of the relationship between internet anonymity and Finnish young people.

Miika Vuori (2015)
Social Solidarity and Fear of Crime - Community and Individual Approaches in Responses to Mass Violence after School Shootings.

Outi Sarpila (2013)
Beauty for sale: An empirical study of appearance-related consumption in Finland.

Matti Näsi (2013) 
ICT disparities in Finland: Access and implications.

Sueila Pedrozo (2013)
Consumption, youth and new media: The debate on social issues in Brazil.

Markus Vinnari (2010)
The past, present and future of eating meat in Finland.

Tuomo Kuosa (2009)
Towards the dynamic paradigm of futures research: How to grasp a compex futures problem with multiple phases and multiple methods.

Vili Lehdonvirta (2009)
Virtual consumption.

Leena Haanpää (2007)
Colour green: A structual approach to the environment-consumption nexus.

Taru Virtanen (2007)
Across and beyond the bounds of taste: On cultural consumption patterns in the European Union.

Pekka Mustonen (2006)
Postmodern tourism: Alternative approaches.

Jani Erola (2004)
Remedy with rationalities: Improved rational action theory with empirical content as a solution to the fallacies in sociology.

Velipekka Ryttyläinen (2000)
Autokaupunki: Sosiologinen tutkimus autotehtaan vaikutuksista Uuteenkaupunkiin.("Car town" : a sociological study of the automobile factory's influence on the town of Uusikaupunki.​)