Instructions for taking courses in Economic Sociology
Kindly note that these instructions and courses are available in academic year 2016-2017. In the academic year 2017-2018 The Faculty of Social Sciences offers the study module of Finnish and Nordic Society and Culture in English.
Book exams in Economic Sociology are available until 31 October 2017.


Economic sociology offers several courses in English. Most of the courses are literature courses. This means that students are expected to familiarize themselves with the course material independently (the course material commonly consists of 2-3 books, or in some courses the course material might consist of a number of academic research articles)  independently and then signing up for  the exam (commonly referred as the “book exam”).   Information about the credits is given in the study guide. The amount of credits is non-negotiable.

Course enrolment

No registration for the course enrolment is required. If you do not have any questions concerning taking the course, it is not necessary to inform the person in charge about course participation.


Economic Sociology has changed over to electronic exams. The term “electronic exam” means an exam taken through the Electronic Exam service. The maintenance and supervision of the Electronic Exam service is centralised, and the supervision takes place through an access control system and recording camera surveillance.  Exams are held in the e-exam rooms. 

Enrolment, locations, schedules and other important information about the electronic exams can be found here

What is a book exam?

A typical book exam consists of essay questions (usually one question per book/article collection). In terms of answering the question, the student is expected to write an outlined answer (usually an appropriate length of one answer is 1–2 pages) based on the course materials. The questions will commonly relate to a particular chapter, or a theme in the book/article collection.



​​​​​In general, it is also possible to ch​oose an essay optionAn essay can be an independent study attainment, a compensation of literature exam or a part of a lecture course. These guidelines concern only the first and second types of essays. Students can select their own essay topics as long as the topic follows within the course guidelines. The topic should, however, be authorized beforehand by the responsible teacher for the course. The essays can be handed in during weekly office hour or they can be left in the teachers' mail box.



Course material​

Course material is listed in the study guide.  Books can be found in the University library. Other course material (e.g. articles) can be uploaded from Moodle ( The university email account (utu account) is a prerequisite for using Moodle. The course key is provided by the person responsible:

General guidelines to writing an essay can be found on Economic Sociology web page.