Working Papers
List of Working Papers

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1. Helin, Juha & Nurmi, Hannu 'Party Competition and Electoral Turnout: Down's Calculus in a Multiparty System' January 2008 Download

2. Halko, Marja-Liisa & Salonen, Hannu 'Congestion, Coordination and Matching' January 2008 Download 

3. Mäkelä, Paula 'Congestion and Crowding Games' February 2008 Download 

4. Wiberg, Matti 'Liquidate the Finnish President!' February 2008 Download 

5. Goodin, Robert E. 'Global Democracy: In the Beginning' April 2008 Download 

6. Alonso-Meijide, J.M., Casas-Méndez, B., Fiestras-Janeiro, G. & Holler, M.J. 'The Deegan-Packel Index for Simple Games with a Priori Unions' April 2008 Download 

7. Alonso-Meijide, J.M., Bowles, C., Holler, M.J. & Napel, S. 'Monotonicity of Power in Games with a Priori Unions' April 2008 Download 

8. Holler, Manfred J. & Leroch, Martin 'Jury on Stage: A Common Law Play' April 2008 Download 

9. Holler, Manfred J. & Leroch, Martin 'Impartial Spectator, Moral Community and Some Legal Consequences' April 2008. See the list of publications.

10. Setälä, Maija, Grönlund, Kimmo & Herne, Kaisa 'Processes and Outcomes of Citizen Deliberation: A Comparison of Voting and Common Statement Treatments' June 2008 Download 

11. Grönlund, Kimmo, Setälä, Maija & Herne, Kaisa 'Deliberation and Civic Virtue - Lessons from the Citizen Deliberation Experiment' June 2008 Download 

12. Nurmi, Hannu 'Voting Systems for Social Choice' June 2008 Download

13. Nohn, Andreas 'Randomly Matched Bargaining in Social Networks' June 2008 Download 

14. Alonso-Meijide, J.M., Casas-Mendez, B., Fiestras-Janeiro, G. & Holler, M.J. 'Two Variations of the Public Good Index for Games with A Priori Unions' September 2008 Download 

15. Alho, Kari E.O., Kaitila, Ville & Widgrén, Mika 'Offshoring, Relocation and the Speed of Convergence: Convergence in the Enlarged European Union' November 2008 Download 

16. Kultti, Klaus & Salonen, Hannu  'Demented Prisoners', HECER Discussion Paper No 250.  February 2009 Download

17. Kauppi, Heikki & Widgrén, Mika 'The Excess Power Puzzle of the EU Budget', Aboa Centre for Economics, Discussion Paper No. 45. March 2009 Download 

18. Nurmi, Hannu 'Voting Theory' March 2009 Download 

19. Maslowska, Aleksandra 'Using Taylor Rule to Explain Effects of Institutional Changes in Central Banks' March 2009 Download 

20. Imai, Haruo & Salonen, Hannu 'Limit Solutions for Finite Horizon Bargaining Problems', Aboa Centre for Economics, Discussion Paper No. 51. June 2009 Download 

21. Nurmi, Hannu 'Thin Rationality and Representation of Preferences with Implications to Spatial Voting Model' September 2009 Download 

22. Nurmi, Hannu & Saari, Donald 'Connections and Implications of the Ostrogorski Paradox for Spatial Voting Models' September 2009 Download 

23. Napel, Stefan & Widgrén, Mika 'Strategic vs. Non-strategic Voting Power in the EU Council of Ministers: The Consultation Procedure' November 2009 Download 

24. Pajala, Antti 'Voting Power computation: A power index computer program runtime analysis' January 2010 Download

25. Pajala, Antti 'Plenary votes and voting cohesion in the Finnish Parliament 1991-2006' January 2010 Download

26. Pajala, Antti & Widgrén, Mika 'Suomen neuvottelupositiot Euroopan unionin neuvostossa vuosina 1995-2004', submitted for publication. January 2010 Download

27. Pajala, Antti 'Tietokonelaitteistojen vertailua valtaindeksilaskennassa' January 2010 Download

28. Holler, Manfred & Nohn, Andreas 'The Public Good Index with Threats in A Priori Unions' January 2010. See the list of publications. 

29. Alonso-Meijide, J. & Casas-Méndez, B. & Fiestras-Janeiro, G. & Holler, M. & Nohn, Andreas 'Axiomatizations of Public Good Indices with A Priori Unions' January 2010. See the list of publications.

30. Eklund, P. & Fedrizzi, M. & Nurmi, H. 'A Categorical Approach to the Extension of Social Choice Functions' January 2010 Download 

31. Nurmi, Hannu 'Settings of Consensual Processes: Candidates, Verdicts, Policies' March 2010 Download

32. Korpela, Ville 'Implementation Without Rationality Assumptions' May 2010. See the list of publications.

33. Nurmi, Hannu 'On the Relevance of Theoretical Results to Voting System Choice' May 2010 Download 

34. Holler, Manfred 'Efficiency or Obfuscation? Comment on "Mutual Recognition" by Jacques Pelkmans' September 2010 Download

35. Holler, M. & Klose-Ullmann, B. 'Expressionism as a Weapon of Cold War' February 2010 Download 

36. Nohn, Andreas 'Veto Players and Non-Cooperative Foundations of Power in Coalitional Bargaining' October 2010 Download 

37. Nohn, Andreas 'Coalitional Bargaining with Markovian Proposers' October 2010 Download 

38. Herne, K. & Lappalainen, O. & Kestilä-Kekkonen, E. 'Experimental comparison of direct, general, and indirect reciprocity' October 2010 Download 

39. Nurmi, Hannu 'Wholes and Parts Revisited' December 2010 Download 

40. Napel, S. & Nohn, A. & Alonso-Meijide, J. 'Monotonicity of Power in Weighted Voting Games with Restricted Communication' January 2011 Download 

41. Holler, M. & Nurmi, H. 'Aspects of Power Overlooked by Power Indices' March 2011 Download 

42. Aleskerov, F. & Karpov, A. 'A New Method of the Single Transferable Vote and its Axiomatic Justification' May 2011 Download 

43. Pajala, Antti 'Kansanedustajien eduskunta-aloitteet 1945-' May 2011 Download

44. Pajala, Antti 'Hallitus- ja oppositioryhmien suhde eduskunnassa II maailmansodan jälkeisellä ajalla' May 2011 Download

45. Autto, Hannu 'Why capital insecurity favours robust self-governance? The economic theory of clubs applied to siidas in Sami pastoralism' May 2011 Download 

46. Korpela, Ville 'On the Communication Requirements of Secure- and Dominant Strategy Implementation' May 2011 Download

47. Maaser, N. & Napel, S. 'A Note on the Direct Democracy Deficit in Two-tier Voting' July 2011 Download

48. Holler, M. & Wegner, W. 'Power and Responsibility in Environmental Policy Making' July 2011 Download 

49. Korpela, Ville 'Nash Implementation via Potential Game Forms' July 2011 Download  

50. Autto, Hannu ''Formal sanctions in CPRs: why so often, but so low? Combining logics of rational choice using IAD-framework' July 2011 Download 

51. Holler, M. & Nurmi, H. 'Pathology or Revelation? – The Public Good Index' September 2011 Download 

52. Autto, Hannu 'The optimal incentive scheme for simple coordination games. A stability set analysis.' October 2011 Download

53. Holler, M. & Nurmi, H. 'Power Sharing in Politics' November 2011 Download 

54. Kultti, K. & Salonen, H. & Vartiainen, H. 'On the number of pure Nash equilibria in random  n -person games' November 2011 Download

55. Salonen, H. & Vartiainen, H. 'On the Existence of Markov Perfect Equilibria in Perfect Information Games' November 2011 Download 

56. Holler, Manfred 'EU Decision-making and the Allocation of Responsibility' November 2011 Download 

57. Holler, M. & Klose-Ullmann, B. 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest: Violence, Uncertainty, and Safety' February 2012 Download 

58. Kurz, S. & Napel, S. 'Heuristic and Exact Solutions to the Inverse Power Index Problem for Small Voting Bodies' (see the list of publications 2014)

59. Maaser, N. & Napel, S. 'The Mean Voter, the Median Voter, and Welfare-maximizing Voting Weights' March 2012 Download 

60. Nurmi, Hannu 'Fuzzy Sets Seemed to Work' January 2012 Download 

61. Nurmi, Hannu 'Full Proportionality in Sight?' February 2012 Download 

62. Salonen, Hannu 'Aggregating and Updating Information' March 2012 Download

63. Salonen, Hannu 'On Markovian Cake Sharing Problems' March 2012 Download 

64. Korpela, Ville 'Bayesian Implementation with Partially Honest Individuals' May 2012 (Updated November 2013) Download 

65. Pajala, Antti 'Yksinäisiä ratsastajia ja monenlaisia yhteistyöverkostoja: Kansanedustajien eduskunta-aloitteet 1999-2010 valtiopäivillä' August 2012 Download 

66. Kurz, S. & Maaser, N. & Napel, S. 'On the Egalitarian Weights of Nations' October 2012 Download 

67. Korpela, Ville 'A Simple Sufficient Condition for Strong Implementation' October 2012 Download 

68. Pajala, Antti '99 % raukeaa tai hylätään – entä millaisia ovat hyväksytyt eduskunta-aloitteet?' November 2012 Download 

69. Imai, H. & Salonen, H. 'Bargaining and Rent Seeking'. December 2012 Download 

70. Salonen, Hannu. 'Utilitarian Preferences and Potential Games' May 2013 Download

71. Kurz, S. & Napel, S. & Nohn, A. 'The Nucleolus of Large Majority Games' September 2013. (see the list of publications 2014)

72. Nurmi, Hannu 'Making sense of intransitivity, incompleteness and discontinuity of preferences' November 2013 Download

73. Koster, M. & Kurz, S. & Lindner, I. & Napel, S. 'The Prediction Value' November 2013 Download

74. de Almeida, A. T. & H. Nurmi. 'Aiding the choice of a voting procedure for a business decision problem' March 2014. Download

75. Kurz, S., N. Maaser, S. Napel & M. Weber. 'Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research' September 2014. Download

76. Nurmi, Hannu. 'Are We Done with Preference Rankings? If We Are, then What?', October 2014. Download

77. Kurz, S. & S. Napel. 'Dimension of the Lisbon Voting Rules in the EU Council: A Challenge and New World Record', March 2015. Kurz_Napel Dimension of EU28.pdfKurz_Napel Dimension of EU28.pdf

78. Levati, M.V., Napel, S., & I. Soraperra. 'Collective choices under ambiguity'. March 2015. LevatiNapelSoraperraPCRC.pdfLevatiNapelSoraperraPCRC.pdf