PCRC Seminar Program, Spring 2015

11.2. Olli Lappalainen: "Experimental Approach to Monopoly Pricing in the Binary Herding Model" (N.B. in the department of Political Science, "valtio-oppi"-building, 2 p.m.)

18.2. Matti Pihlava: "The Finnish Corporate Network"
25.2. Achillefs Papageorgiou: "Disability, perceived discrimination and political participation" (with M. Mattila)
4.3. No seminar
11.3. Juha Ylisalo: "The size, number and power of parties: Implications for the empirical analysis of ‘fragmented’ policy-making"
18.3. No seminar
25.3. Ian O'Flynn: "Pulling Together: Shared Intentions, Deliberative Democracy and Deeply Divided Societies"
1.4. No seminar

8.4. Eeva Vilkkumaa: "Robust portfolio modeling for supporting project selection"
15.4. TBA
22.4. Marko Ahteensuu: "Expected Value-Based Decision Tools in the Conservation of Endangered Species under Climate Change"

29.4. Hannu Autto: "On incentive policies for the coordination of collective action and their empirical relevance" (with C. Kimmich)

6.5. Antti Pajala: "Patterns of plenary voting in the Estonian parliament Riigikogu"

13.5. TBA

20.5. Kalle Parvinen: TBA
(N.B. in the department of Philosophy, Publicum-building, sh150)