PCRC Seminar Program, Spring 2016

3.2. Andrew Knops: "Deliberative Networks"
10.2. Adiel de Almeida: "A Framework for Aiding the Choice of a Voting Procedure"
17.2. TBA

24.2. TBA
2.3. TBA
9.3. Antti Pajala: "Structure and evolution of a European Parliament via a network and correlation analysis"
16.3. TBA
23.3.  Hannu Nurmi: "Varieties of monotonicity"
30.3. TBA
6.4. Juho Ritola: "Disagreements about disagreement"
13.4. Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen "Ballot structure, Corruption and Political Trust" (with P.Söderlund)
20.4. Arvi Pakaslahti: "The Athletic Superiority Ideal and Autonomous Relative Ranking in Meta Sports Contests"
27.4. Juha Ylisalo: "Two Mechanisms of Accountability: An Experimental Approach" (with K.Herne, O.Lappalainen & M.Setälä)
4.5. Hanna Wass: "Gradient constraint in voting: the effect of intra-generational social class and income mobility on turnout" (with H. Lahtinen & H. Hiilamo)
11.5. Ville Korpela: "Prcedurally Fair Implementation"
18.5. Marko Lindroos: TBA