Seminar, fall 2012
12.12. Achillefs Papageorgiou (University of Tampere)  Is there a relationship between polarization and projection in party systems? NB. in the room sh150 (department of philosophy) 

5.12. Peter Söderlund (Åbo Akademi University) & Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen (University of Tampere)  Economic Voting in the 2011 Finnish Parliamentary Elections  


21.11. Manuel Bagues  (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)  The Role of Connections in Academic Promotions (with Natalia Zinovyeva)   

14.11. Juha Ylisalo Electoral accountability and incentives to overspend NB. in the room sh150 (department of philosophy)


31.10. Hannu Nurmi Reflections of proportionality   

24.10. Arvi Pakaslahti Does Prioritarianism Violate Impartiality? NB. in the room sh150 (department of philosophy) 

17.10. Ville Korpela A simple sufficient condition for strong implementation  


3.10. Stefan Napel (University of Bayreuth)  On the Egalitarian Weights of Nations (with Sascha Kurz and Nicola Maaser)   

24.-26.9    Approaches to Conflict Resolution -workshop   

19.9. Monika Mühlböck (Vienna University of Economics and Business)  Speaking with One Voice? Voting unity of national parties in bicameral EU decision-making  

12.9. Haruo Imai (Kyoto Institute of Economic Research)  Economic Mechanisms in International Environmental Treaties  

7.9. Antti Pajala Yksinäisiä ratsastajia ja monenlaisia yhteistyöverkostoja: Kansanedustajien eduskunta-aloitteet 1999-2010 valtiopäivillä  

29.8. Chiaki Hara (Kyoto Institute of Economic Research)  Asset Prices, Trading Volumes, and Investor Welfare in Markets with Transaction Costs