Weekly Seminars, spring 2013
30.1. No seminar
6.2. Maria Maunula, "EU research funding"
13.2. Hannu Salonen, ”Aggregating and Updating Information”
20.2. No seminar
27.2. Antti Pajala; “Faceless Members of Party Groups or Individual Actors? Patterns of Cooperation and Networking in the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Parliaments”
5.3. @ Turku School of Economics, LS06, 12:15
Aurora García-Gallego, Laboratorio de Economia Experimental, Universitat Jaume I Castellón, Spain; "The role of ex post disclosure in information transmission: An experiment"
6.3. Nikolaos Georgantzis, Universidad de Granada; LEE, Universitat Jaume I Castellón, Spain; "Institutional, idiosyncratic and physiological aspects of corruption"
13.3. Eerik Lagerspetz; "Two Arguments for Majoritarian Democracy"
20.3. Hannu Autto; "Roles of Cooperation in Commons"
27.3. Alexander Mayer; "New insights on strategic a priori voting power in the European Union's codecision procedure"
3.4. BREAK
10.4 Juha Ylisalo, "Attaching responsibility for policy outcomes in coalition governments"
17.4. Marko Terviö, Aalto University; "Income Distribution and Housing Prices: An Assignment Model Approach"
24.4. Maija Setälä; "Deliberation within and across Enclaves - Opinion and Knowledge Change in an Experiment"
8.5. Arvi Pakaslahti; "Distributive Principles and Utilitarian Ties"
22.5. Hannu Nurmi; "The Emergence of Simpson's Paradox"
29.5. Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen (University of Tampere); "From Charismatic Leadership to the Grass-Root? The Influence of Party Leader and Individual Candidates on the Populist Vote" (with Peter Söderlund, Åbo Akademi)
5.6. Juha Virrankoski, TBA
Thursday 6.6. @ Seminar Room 150 (Philosophy, Publicum), 12:15-13:45
Thomas Mangell, Professor, Drew University, NJ; "How rights and duties are formally bounded?"
Thursday 13.6. @ Seminar Room 150 (Philosophy, Publicum), 12:15-13:45
Thomas Mangell, Professor, Drew University, NJ; "Critical points in our future history and world views for evaluation"